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Gates of Morocco, Inc.
19-C West Bridge St.
New Hope, PA  189380-1301
Telephone (215)862-1648

Photo #1Welcome to the Gates of Morocco, where we specialize in unique and hard to find objects and artifacts from Morocco as well as from all around the Sub-Saharran.

Photo#3(sm)Gates of Morocco, formerly known as Bazaar Tangier, was founded in 1986 and specializes in hand crafted Moroccan goods and Subsaharan African sculptures and masks.  Morocco has a rich tradition of artisan work dating back to the middle ages. We are continuing that tradition by carrying crafts from different tribes in Morocco, such as the Berber, Twarag, Nomad and Bedwin.  These crafts include mosaics, brass and tile work, ceramics, woodworking, weaving and carpet making.

Photo#2(sm)In addition the owner, Abdellatif Bennani, has had 20 years of experience in Moroccan artisan work.  He uses Moroccan traditions and incorporates them into modern designs, such as henna lamps produced especially for Gates of Morocco. 

Items carried by Gates of Morocco include: tea glasses and pots, brass trays and lamps, carpets, small tables, Moroccan Jewish collectables, wall hangings, Moroccan style cloths and shoes, jewelry, beads, henna lamps, henna tattoo kits and Subsaharan masks and sculptures. 

Gates of Morocco can do custom and wholesale orders and help with redecorating rooms and houses as well as renting items for theme parties or film shoots.

Our location is New Hope, PA, a small Colonial town on the Delaware river which is a popular weekend retreat.