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Recommended Pubs in the Berkeley Area

Like I said, I like to drink beer. These are the places I've found that I really enjoy. For the ambiance, for the offerings, or both, these places have won my loyal patronage, which has not been inconsiderable. If you like to drink beer, and are in the Berkeley area, give these places a try.

Note: I would like to add more items to this page; I just need to do some additional "research"...

Jupiter -- 2181 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley -- (510) 843-8277
Microbrewed beer (over 100 different beers served to date) and great pizza. Live music, too!

Barclays -- 5940 College Avenue, Oakland -- (510) 654-1650
My name is on the wall, and the owner knows my name; I love this place! Microbrewed beer (well over 400 different beers served to date), and good food. Live music on Sunday afternoons. Popular, moderately to very crowded most evenings.

Skates on the Bay -- 100 Seawall Drive, Berkeley -- (510) 549-1900
The best-stocked full bar in Berkeley, good seafood, and a wonderful view of the Bay. Frequently very crowded, bar and dining room. Worth it.

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