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Like a lot of universities, UC Berkeley has an active Magic-playing community. There is a newsgroup, a mailing list, an official UCB club, and at least one group that plays regularly.

Newsgroup (

This newsgroup is, as I understand it, carried only on the UC Berkeley news server (, and so is not easily accessible from outside the campus community.

Cal Collectible Card Games Club (CCCGC Website)

The CCCGC is an official student group, and was formed during the Fall 1995 semester. They host regular tournaments and, starting on 2/17/96, the Type II tournaments will be sanctioned by the Duelists' Convocation.

Their Website is administered by Masato Hayakawa, and has a great deal more information, including the tournament schedule. Check it out!

Play Sessions

A group that I play with occasionally meets regularly on Friday nights at Cafe Milano, which is on Bancroft Avenue just above Telegraph. We meet in the upstairs section, along with the chess players. Arrival times are usually around 7:00pm, and we've been known to play until Milano closes, at 11:00pm.

The format of matches varies widely, and is usually very informal. People play group and individual games, Type I, Type II, Ice Age, whatever anyone wants to play.

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