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I've been reading science fiction since I was in 4th grade or so. I've read an awful lot, and thought I'd pass on a list of recommended works. If you see a book or two you've liked, then maybe you'd enjoy some of the others. And if you know of a book you think I should check out, be sure to send me a note.

This is a very quick and dirty list, of things I've read recently; I promise to work on it more in the future. The orientation is mostly cyberpunk or post-cyberpunk...

Iain Banks The Player of Games
Consider Phlebas
Against A Dark Background
Use of Weapons
Feersum Endjinn
If the Federation of Star Trek is an optimistic future with a society based on science and exploration, then the Culture in Iain Bank's novels is an optimistic future with a society based on hedonism...
David Brin Sundiver
Startide Rising
The Uplift War
The Practice Effect
Has the most Hugos and Nebulas of anyone on this page. There is a reason he's so decorated...
John Brunner The Shockwave Rider
Stand on Zanzibar
The Shockwave Rider is remarkably prescient, given it was written nearly 20 years ago. I always finish it late at night, because I can't stop reading it...
William Gibson Neuromancer
Burning Chrome
The sequels to Neuromancer are not nearly as good as the original, and so not listed here. Gibson's short fiction, though, is.
Daniel Keyes Moran The Armageddon Blues
Emerald Eyes
The Long Run
The Last Dancer
My current favorite author. The last three novels are connected, and have more coming -- supposedly.
Melissa Scott Burning Bright
Trouble and Her Friends
Interesting looks at FRP and hacker cultures, extrapolated.
Neal Stephenson Snowcrash The most fun I've had (reading) in the past 5 years.
Verner Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep Galactic newsgroups. Hmmm, I wonder if NNTP would really handle that...
Walter Jon Williams Aristoi
Really, really, really interesting ideas in these novels.

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