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Someone suggested that I ought to have a page somewhere in the personal section of my web site that actually had personal information about me. Without being critical (heh), I think it's a terrible idea. So I thought I'd fool around instead, and give some stupid answers. I could probably call this the "Fun with Frontier Functions" page...

Age: approximately 58701500280.0 ticks (at 10/30/97; 10:08:19 PM)
Height: 5112 points
Weight: 44800 drams
Eyes: two (constant)
Hair: approaching two (over time)
Marital status: 0x0001
Batting average: (not statistically valid)
Favorite X-Files episode: "Three"
Favorite Star Trek episode: that one where their technology, intelligence, and courage saves them
What I would do if crowned Miss America: uh, suggest the judges seek counselling...?

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