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I wrote a lot of things for CO-IS in the five and a half years I was there, and I like to think I write fairly well. Here is a quick list of the things that should be available on the Web. Not everything is as technologically up-to-date as it might be (it's been almost two years since I wrote many of the items), and my former co-workers will no doubt have updated, replaced, or deleted some of the documents.

Office of the Chancellor QuickMail to Eudora Conversion
I wrote virtually every document our users used for reference and information in the process of converting 130 people from the QuickMail e-mail system to using Eudora 2.1.x. Check the whole site out!

New Hardware Purchase Strategies
Guidelines for determining which users and which Macs should be upgraded, and purchasing strategies for maximizing upgrade dollars.

New Hardware Technical Guidelines
Technical guidelines written describing new Macintosh configurations which meet both current and future computing needs.

Mounting File Servers With the Chooser
Instructions with screen shots, explaining how to log onto AppleShare file servers using the Chooser.

Adding Non-QuickMail Addresses to QuickMail
Instructions with screen shots, explaining how to create "special" addresses in QuickMail.

CO-IS Tips and Techniques
A semi-weekly newsletter with (usually) short tips for users:

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