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Disclaimer #1 -- Representation
This is my personal Website. Any views, references, flames, or endorsements (expressed or implied) are entirely my own. Anything which appears to be official material regarding some other person or organization is incidental, coincidental, or accidental.

Disclaimer #2 -- Display Issues
My site looks good when I view it on my system. It may not look good on yours. Here are some things to think about, and a little that you can do about it.

HTML Extensions

Much of the HTML formatting in documents on this server is designed for HTML 3.2 and the extensions provided in Netscape Navigator, minimally Netscape 2.0. In particular, I am using the following HTML extensions:

  • <IMG> enhancements -- the USEMAP, ALIGN, WIDTH/HEIGHT, and VSPACE/HSPACE attributes
  • <BR> enhancements -- the CLEAR extension
  • <P> enhancements -- the ALIGN attribute
  • Text enhancements -- the FONT SIZE, BIG, SMALL, SUB and SUP extensions
  • Table enhancements -- various table tags (from the evolving HTML 3.2 standard, and Netscape's extensions to them)

Where possible, I attempt to support other browsers, but I make no guarantees. If you are using a different Web browser, you may experience unpredictable, ugly HTML pages. Though I'm sure people will find reasons to use other products, Netscape seems to me to be demonstrably superior to existing browsers, and I really recommend you switch.


I also recommend that you install a full set of bitmapped fonts on your system, or otherwise ensure that text that should be italicized (in a font hand-designed to be slanted) is not merely obliqued (in a font slanted by computer algorithm). Generally speaking, if you install bitmaps of not just the Roman version of a typeface, but the italic, bold, and bold-italic typefaces as well, you will see more readable and more aesthetically pleasing type on your screen.

To make it simple, at least for Macintosh users, here is a Times font suitcase with the appropriate bitmaps (no outlines, though). It is binhexed and stuffed; you will need StuffIt Expander to decompress it. Just drop it in your System folder; since Netscape uses Times by default, that's all you have to do.

For all 7 people who are still following me, and who care, I have tried to design all of my pages to look reasonable when using this set of fonts.

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-- Michael, October 2000