HyperStudio Projects

HyperStudio is the most widely used applications at our school, with all grades 1-6 completing at least one HyperStudio project. You can now view HyperStudio Projects directly in your browser if you have the appropriatte plug-in. Get your HyperStudio Plug-in here.






Interactive Houses

The 2nd grade and the multi-age 1/2 class used HyperStudio to create interactive houses. The project provided a context for the development of skills using the graphic tools, as well the linking information through the creating and "programming" of buttons. The example provided contains links to several rooms, buttons are most often located on doors etc....

Roger & Alyssa's House





Third graders apply and expand upon the skills developed above in the creation of neighborhood maps. As well as applying the basic graphic and navigation skills, the project calls for the introduction of "pop-up" fields as a tool for providing interactivity as a well medium for thinking about screen design. Some students also go on to use animation.



State Brochures

Historically fourth graders have produced a travel brochure as a part of their studies of the United States. This project was modified to integrate technology in a authentic context. The class now participate in the development of a "interactive multi-media brochure" - the scenario being "you have been hired by the state tourism department to create a computer brochure to attratct people to your state ......



Country Reports/National Park Brochures

These are similar in context to the above but students are expected to use more sophisticated programming tecniques, a greater level of interactivity, (hide/show, hypertext links etc). A greater emphasis is on the students using the software in creative ways that actual "teaching of the software.


Hanna's Ghana Report

Jenny's Puerto Rico Report



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