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MTU/MSS/RWIN, TCP Trace, PPP Framing Errors, Com Overruns, etc.

This tutorial, presented through the courtesy of Cerberus Systems, Inc., is a compilation from my postings on the alt.winsock and alt.winsock.trumpet news groups, in response to frequently asked questions about tuning winsock settings for maximum speed, and related system problems. You may use portions of its content for any no-fee purpose (other than posting on another web server), as long as the copyright notice is included. While I've tried to be accurate, neither I nor Cerberus Systems, Inc. can assume any liability for your use of its contents, but I'd appreciate being informed of any errors. You may also be interested in my Windows® Cryptosystem FAQ.

The Protocols You Use
What Speed Should You Get?
MTU/MSS/RWIN vs Com Overruns
Winsocks and Undefined Dynalink
SLIP, PPP and Frame Check Errors
Com Port Overrun Errors
Your TCP/IP Settings
TCP Trace and Unacceptable Segments
Using TCP Meter
Links to Related Information

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