Thanks for a wonderful story [The Blue Shawl]. I'm so grateful that your story weaves care, compassion, optimism, and love all surrounding the theme of a shawl and love. Your storytelling is such a gift that not only teaches but touches hearts. Everyone really enjoyed the show!
Kathy Desjardin / St. Mary's Church / Uxbridge, MA

I am 15 years old and live in New jersey. I absolutely adored your tape Watermelon when i was little. I mean very little, as in 4 to 5. I even remembered that the title of your tape was watermelon when my mom did not. I never owned your cassette though, i only rented it about 20 times from the library. Recently i found myself singing the song "Ma, Ma will you buy me a banana..." i think that thats how it goes. It was such a silly song and i loved it so much that nearly a decade later i just started randomly singing it. And i remember the song "If you plant a watermelon up above my grave..." and then you made a funny slurp noise. I think about how the soap slid out of his hands sometimes when i use bar soap in the shower. The story about the girl and the cockel shell and how she got lost in a castle and fought a dragon, that always scared me. Whenever i go to the beach and play by the waves i think of how you said "Can't catch me can't catch me, ooo you got me." i dont know how i remember this i swear i havent heard that tape since i was 4 or 5. That tape was so wonderful and magical in my childhood. i am buying a copy of the watermelon cd. I am just jumping inside in anticipation of hearing those silly tunes and i know that i will listen to it as i fall asleep as it did when i was so little. You have no idea how greatful i am of you for making that tape and making my little 4 year old brain so much happier and smarter!
Thanks for making my Holiday, really.
Hailey Brooks / NJ

"Like a maestro leading a symphony, Betty Lehrman has that special gift - the power to make people smile, laugh and cry. On stage, the mother of two can magically transform herself into a character whose mannerisms are so real, audiences easily get caught up in the emotions evoked."
Jeff Adair / THE TAB / Framingham, MA

"Lehrman's easy manner has the kind of cheer and mischief to make audiences feel things come alive as she spins and sings and wraps them up in her tales... Her voice has the lift and spice that always suggest surprise. "
M. S. Kennedy

"Her ability to change characters, combined with smooth pantomime, give remarkable depth to the detailed and delightful stories she weaves."
/ Halifax, MA

"Betty Lehrman recently showed an audience of more than 200 teachers and school children at the National Library's auditorium that storytelling can be compelling and entertaining for young and old audiences alike.... An enthralling, powerful voice."
STUDENT TIMES / Bangkok, Thailand

"She has brought smiles to scores of children at schools and libraries, but Lehrman is as effective spinning her yarns for all ages."
Craig Harris / BOSTON GLOBE

"Lehrman tells her stories with infectious joy."
/ Roslyn, NY


"Lehrman's presentation was absolutely phenomenal. She is obviously a master storyteller who loves and lives what she does. I learned so much today and I can't wait to incorporate it! There we sat as a classroom of adults, totally involved and mesmerized. How much more magnificent would it be for a child..."
C. Pocoroba / graduate student / C. W. Post College / Brookville, NY

"The series of short stories and songs you told and sang for the first, second and third graders were perfectly charming. You captured their imaginations and kept them thoroughly engaged....The fourth and fifth grade students seemed to be spellbound [during "The Blue Shawl."] Your 70-minute telling of the story was flawless and beautifully acted. The guitar and mandolin accompaniment by Larry Unger was a beautiful and atmospheric addition. The whole program was truly remarkable."
Nancy Grogan / Cultural Enrichment / Riverdale School / Dedham, MA

"The day was a huge success! Ms. Lehrman... transported us back to the time when Laura Ingalls Wilder herself might have been one of the guest authors we had invited... you could have heard a pin drop when "Laura" described the day the grasshoppers came. Ms. Lehrman would receive our highest recommendation to any other school or group interested in having her visit."
Laurie Woodfin / Media Specialist / Neary School / Southborough, MA

"On behalf of the children and staff of Memorial School, I would like to express our gratitude to you for an enchanting three hours of songs and tales which delighted young and old. Having attended the kindergarten through second grade session I knew how enthusiastic the children were, and found myself equally engrossed. My only hope was that the upper grades would be smitten as well. Shortly after noon, I was buoyed by all the positive comments from teachers from every level - kindergarten through sixth. Some of the comments were 'excellent, very good, super, funny, and just wonderful!'"
Gloria Landy / Manchester Memorial School / Manchester, MA

"Our students were enthralled."
Melanie Dana / Germaine Lawrence adolescent treatment program / Arlington, MA

"The students really enjoyed it and when I came back to the classroom, there were "Little House" books on many desks!"
Carin Coyne / Brophy School / Framingham, MA


"I have never seen an audience more transfixed [as during "The Blue Shawl."] Your words took us all back in time to that orphan train traveling across Russia, and we all waited breathlessly to find out what happened to Emma and her mother, and to the orphan boy, Misha.... We were very privileged to host such an exceptional event."
Kitty Schacht / Librarian / Framingham Public Library / Framingham, MA

"People here in Chiang Mai are still talking about the wonderful performance you gave at our library.... You were a hit in Thailand."
Elizabeth McKay / Director / USIS / Chiang Mai, Thailand

"Betty Lehrman recently told the stories of Laura Ingalls Wilder at our library. Her performance was outstanding. The audience was spellbound as she shared some of her discoveries about Wilder's life...the real magic began when Ms. Lehrman actually became Laura Ingalls Wilder in front of our eyes. For those who had read and loved the books, it was as if an old friend had entered the room. And those who had not yet connected with them were eager to begin reading."
Paula Sharaga / Children's Librarian / Holliston Public Library / Holliston, MA

"Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us at the new Morse Institute Library. Your presence and storytelling created a wonderful spirit of community which was a pleasure
for me as much as for the children... One woman, after hearing "The Blue Shawl," compared the quality of your storytelling to diamonds."
Linda Champion / Morse Institute Library / Natick, MA

"I want to thank you for the wonderful Laura Ingalls Wilder impersonation. It was amazing to see the two groups silent and enthralled for 45 minutes as you told your tales... The tales were so real, it seemed we could hear the girls screaming about leeches and hear the grasshoppers munching. I would be happy to recommend your program to anyone who asks."
Kathleen D. Hutchins / Youth Services / JV Fletcher Library / Westford, MA


"At the very start of the fall semester, the B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation at Brandeis University enjoyed the extraordinary treat of having Betty Lehrman share with us her mesmerizing and moving stories. She cast an impressive spell over us with her humor, her vibrancy, her sensitivity and her extraordinary storytelling gift. In my quarter of a century as a Hillel rabbi, I have not heard a better storyteller."
Chaplain Albert Axelrad / Brandeis University / Waltham, MA

"Wonderful! Your work with parents, teachers, and even pre-schoolers - I just love everything you do! We want you back every year."
Judy Bennett / Temple Beth Shalom / Peabody, MA

"Stories are at the center of Jewish life. As we listen, we learn how to live and what values and traditions to cherish... in short, what it means to be a Jew. The newest B'nai B'rith Women's national program celebrates the storytelling revival, featuring a dazzling anthology of Jewish folk tales, Talmudic tales and tales from eastern Europe, recorded by four of the most gifted storytellers in the United States: Penninah Schram, Syd Lieberman, Roslyn Bresnick-Perry and Betty Lehrman."
B'nai B'rith Women's World Magazine


"Thank you for coming! I loved your stories! If you had a kid I'd like to be it."
Sara F. / Grade 4 / Wilmington, MA

"I loved the role you played! Before you came I didn't really like the Little House on the Prairie books but once you told me more about Laura I really wanted to read them. Right now I'm reading one of her books. Thank you very very much for coming. I learned so much!"
Sophie W. / Grade 3 / Framingham, MA

"I liked the stories. Next time I want to wear the dress."
Michaela L. / Grade 2 / Attleboro, MA

"I liked the way you made your voice change and used your face. I want to be a writer and a storyteller when I grow up."
Jacob R. / Grade 5 / New York, NY

"Hey, Storyteller! Will you come back next week and tell us more?"
Dayshawn S. / Grade 1 / Boston, MA


"Your stories wove universal themes...and held rapt our congregation's attention. Your stories ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous; tears and laughter commingled. Children and adults alike were inspired and entertained."
Rev. John Gibbons / First Parish Church / Bedford, MA

"Thanks so much - your program was wonderful. We hope to have you back soon."
Norman Rockwell Museum / Stockbridge, MA

"Thank you for two wonderful days of stories and two very enjoyable afternoons for children and adults. Your talent is quite apparent and your joy of interaction with people is contagious."
Barbara Friedman / Historical Society at Jackson Homestead / Newton, MA

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