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Important Announcement

I hope that you all know that This years Lehigh Valley Music awards #15 will be March 9th at the Musikfest Café with what I know will be another unbelievable show. Tickets will be available through the ArtsQuest web site, and are now available.  There are only a limited number of seats so please make sure that you get yours as soon as possible. Doors open 3pm | Show: 4pm $20/$15

http://www.lehighvalleymusicawards.org/  http://www.artsquest.org/pages/search.php?03/9/2014


Over the years, the LVMAs have become known as showcase for area musicians, with dynamic performances by the region's finest artists and explosive jam sessions uniting musicians from diverse genres. Among the performances (band/group affiliations in parenthesis) already confirmed for the 2014 awards ceremony are:

King Magnetic (Army of the Pharaohs) - Veteran Award Honoree

Geoff Houser (Eighteenth Hour) - Veteran Award Honoree
David Zullo (Eighteenth Hour) - Veteran Award Honoree
Michael Fritz (Dina and the Backbeat, Ashley and Mr. Fritz) - Veteran Award Honoree
Chelsea Lyn Meyers (Power Chords) Board of Directors Honoree

Dana Gaynor (Dana Gaynor Band and James Supra Blues Band) - Veteran Award Honoree
Brian Berlanda (Friar's Point and blues supporter) - Veteran Honoree
Joe Mac (Charlie Brown's Notorious Groove, Buddy Guy & others) - Veteran Award Honoree
Carl Snyder - Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Fusion Jazz
Bryan Harmony (M80, Spitshine, Jolly Roger) - Veteran Award Honoree
Brian Bortz (Fusion Jazz Trio) - Veteran Award Honoree
Andrew Kanas (local standout saxophonist)

Larry Werner (Social Call, Spitshine, Jolly Roger) - Veteran Award Honoree
Dennis Beidler (Poker Face, Spider Pie) - Veteran Award Honoree
Don Plowman (Craig Thatcher and The Lesson Center) - Veteran Award Honoree
Mike Stanley (Royal Jam) - Veteran Award Honoree

Honorary Performance
Rick Levy and His Band Lifetime - Achievement Honoree

Please check the Music Awards web site for more information.




Live Music in the Lehigh Valley

Hay Blue, Live Music in the Lehigh Valley

I have done My final production of the site and the newsletter.   

Thank you all.


I thank all who have contacted me on how much you have enjoyed the production over the years.  I have now turned it all over to Jim “JAMO” Flynn:  jamo@att.net. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Jim. Also we now have Al Fink al@bandsandclubs.com and his web site http://www.BandsAndClubs.com.


Please know that they are doing things on their newsletter and web site in their own way, it is theirs and they will do their productions as they like. You may contact them and express your opinion but please understand that this is a lot of work and they have to find their own way.  In the past many of you gave me suggestions and some I did and some I did not do. I know I like the site that I can click on Friday night and see my choices in a quick and concise way too. But I have gone many places and have searched for live music and believe me nowhere else will you find these listings. 

The most important things are that you must get all band and club listings to Jim and Al and then express to them what you like and dislike about what they are doing.  Nothing can be done if they do not have the information. 




Now more than ever if you are a venue or a band it is up to you to send Jim and Al your list so that none of our music followers miss any of the live music in the area.


Thank you and good luck to all!