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Les McCann

1970 on Atlantic # SD-1547 (LP)

Jul. 31, 2001 on Collectables # COL-CD-6167 (CD): Comment

Track List:
Side 1 - 17:50
  1. How Many Broken Wings (Helen Lewis/Kay Lewis) - 3:33
  2. Can't We Be Strangers Again (Helen Lewis/Kay Lewis) - 5:08
  3. Unless Itís You (Johnny Mandel/Morgan Ames) - 4:59
  4. What I Call Soul (Helen Lewis/Kay Lewis) - 4:10
Side 2 - 14:52
  1. Comment (Charles Wright/Yusuf Rahman) - 5:22
  2. Baby, Baby (Helen Lewis/Kay Lewis) - 3:01
  3. Yours Is My Heart Alone (Franz Lehar/Ludwig Herzer/Fritz Loehner/Harry B. Smith) - 6:29
Total - 32:42

Aug. 20, 1969 at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, NY
Aug. 21, 1969 at Regent Sound Studios, New York, NY

Les McCann (vocals), (electric piano: Track 2-1), (piano: Track 2-3)
Roberta Flack (vocals: Tracks 1-1 & 2-2), (piano: Tracks 1-1 & 1-2)
Ron Carter (bass: except Tracks 1-4 & 2-1), (electric bass: Tracks 1-4 & 2-1)
Billy Cobham (drums: except Track 2-1)

Tracks 1-2, 1-4 & 2-2:

Richard Landry (baritone sax)
Joe Wilder, Richard Williams, Jimmy Owens (trumpet)
Dick Griffin, Benjamin Powell (trombone)
Stanley Cowell (organ: Track 1-2)
Richard Tee (piano: Track 1-4)
Junior Mance (piano: Track 2-2)
Valerie Simpson (vocal group direction: Track 1-2)
William Fischer (horns arranger & conductor: Tracks 1-2 & 2-2)

Track 1-3:

Seldon Powell (soprano sax, alto flute)
Roland Hanna (harpsichord)
Margaret Ross (harp)

Tracks 1-1, 1-3 & 2-3:

Selwart Clarke (string orchestra direction)
William Fischer (arranger & conductor)

Track 2-1:

Billy Butler (guitar)
Donald Dean (drums)
Clarence Cooper, Greer V. Brown, Barbara Brown, Diane Gabay, Dennis DeVitt, Denisia Frey, Paula Roberts, Francesca Michaelides, Loretta Ritter, Jamie Mulligan, Terre Nappi, Anna Barnes, Jane Fischer, Aeuie Draper, Gene McD, Susan McD, Patricia Mulligan (choir)

Joel Dorn (producer)
Bill Arlt, Jerome Gasper, Bob Liftin (recording engineers)
Loring Eutemey (cover design)
Jesse Califano (cover photo)
Roberta Flack (liner notes)

Liner Notes:

"Will you, won't you, will you, won't you, will you join the dance? The further off from England, the nearer is to France." Contrarywise, continued Tweedle Dum, "If it was so, it might be; and, if it were so, it would be; but, as it isn't, it ain't. And that's logic." Now, that sounds like Les McCann to me--Libra--kind, artistic, and logical!!

It has taken a number of things, events and people to bring my friend to the awareness that he should sing. The voice is really quite good--it is good because it is real, honest, sincere and, even in a strange way--pure.

Les has the unique ability to be his basic honest self all the time and he comes on like "Wow! So here I am." He simply "unzips" and lets his real thing come through and he does this in his singing ability. He just sings--"Wham--There it is," or in the words of his producer, Joel Dorn, "Faaaantastic!"

There is no complicated, imitative stylizing involved. He has always been a singer, people have told him so. Recently, some of his friends have kinda jacked him up in a rather inspirational fashion and prevailed upon him to get on with it. His lovely wife, Charlotte, Morgan Ames (a fantastic lyricist), Helen and Kay Lewis (two talented young ladies who get credit for four tunes in this album and who, by the way, met Les when they went to take piano lessons from him), Bill Fischer, who wrote the string and horn arrangements and introduced Les to the beautiful children who join him in singing the title tune for the album, and Miles Davis who came upstairs at the Village Gate to have him sing With These Hands every night because Les really sings that tune. Now Les knows that he must sing--he knows because he has logically deduced that the time is right now!

Before I sat down to write these notes I had a long talk with Les who was working in Chicago at the time and he told me several things about the way he feels a song and about singing just words and I think this quote from Kahlil Gibran puts it where it's at with Les, "In the depths of my soul there is a wordless song--a song that lives in the seed of my heart. It is a song composed by contemplation, and published by silence, and shunned by clamour, and folded by truth, and repeated by dreams, and understood by love, and hidden by awakening and sung by the soul."

-- Roberta Flack


If all men are truly brothers
Why can't we love one another
Love and peace from ocean to ocean
Somebody please second my motion

If all men are born to be free
(Then what about you)
And what about me friend
A world full of hate
There's nothing left
You enslave me
You'll never rescue yourself

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