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Les McCann
Invitation To Openness

1972 on Atlantic # SD-1603 (LP; gatefold)

Nov. 14, 2000 on Label M # 5713 (CD): Invitation To Openness

Track List:
Side 1 - 26:11
  1. The Lovers (Les McCann) - 26:11
Side 2 - 25:46
  1. Beaux J. Poo Boo (Les McCann) - 13:12
  2. Poo Pye McGoochie (and his friends) (Les McCann) - 12:34
Total - 51:57

May 4, 1971 at Atlantic Recording Studios, New York, NY

Les McCann (piano, electric piano, Moog synthesizer, arranger, conductor)
Yusef Lateef (tenor sax, oboe, flute, pneumatic flute, plum blossom, temple bells)
David Spinozza (guitar, electric guitar)
Cornell Dupree (electric guitar)
Corky Hale (harp)
Jodie Christian (electric piano)
Bill Salter (electric bass)
Jimmy Rowser (bass)
Bernard Purdie (drums, percussion)
Al Mouzon (drums, percussion)
Donald Dean (drums, percussion)
William "Buck" Clarke (African drums, percussion)
Ralph McDonald (percussion)

Joel Dorn (producer, liner notes)
Jimmy Douglass (recording engineer)
Fred Catero (re-mix engineer)
Loring Eutemey (album design)
Les McCann (cover photo, liner notes)
Giuseppe G. Pino (inside liner photo)
Jonathan Melven (liner poem)
Ron Neal (liner notes)

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