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Les McCann
Another Beginning

1974 on Atlantic # SD-1666 (LP)

Jul. 20, 1998 on Atlantic # 7567-80790-2 [Germany] (CD): Another Beginning
Sep. 12, 2000 on Collectables # COL-CD-6608 (CD): Another Beginning / Hustle To Survive

Track List:
Side 1 - 21:12
  1. Maybe You'll Come Back (Les McCann) - 3:58
  2. The Song Of Love (Les McCann) - 3:14
  3. When It's Over (Jon Mayer/Billy Barnes/Jill Lynn) - 10:28
  4. Somebody's Been Lying 'Bout Me (Les McCann) - 3:32
Side 2 - 21:18
  1. Go On And Cry (Les McCann) - 5:23
  2. My Soul Lies Deep (Rev. B./Les McCann) - 5:19
  3. The Morning Song (Les McCann) - 3:38
  4. Someday We'll Meet Again (Les McCann) - 6:58
Total - 42:30

at Regent Sound Studios, New York, NY (except Tracks 1-1 & 1-2)
at Village Recorders, Los Angeles, CA (Tracks 1-1 & 1-2)

Les McCann (vocals, piano, electric piano, ARP synthesizer, clavinet, arranger)
Buck Clarke (percussion)
William Eaton (string & horn arranger)

Except Tracks 1-1 & 1-2:

Miroslaw Kudykowski (guitar)
James Rowser (electric bass)
Harold Davis (drums)
Morgan Ames, Les McCann (vocal arrangers)
Sally Stevens, Marti McCall, Bob Esty, Jim Gilstrap, Carmen Bryant, Vennette Gloud, Sandy Merrill Smolen, Kathy Collier, Morgan Ames, Cissy Houston, Deidre Tuck, Rennelle Stafford, Norma Holmes (background vocals)

Tracks 1-1 & 1-2:

Roy Gaines (guitar)
Chuck Rainey (electric bass)
Paul Humphrey (drums)

Track 1-2:

William Eaton (vocal arranger)
Tamiko Loving, Laurence Moore (background vocals)

String Section:

David Nadien, Emanuel Green, Paul Gershman, Selwart Clarke, Joe Malin, Matthew Raimondi, Sanford Allen, Harry Lookofsky, Max Ellen, Harry Cykman (violins)
Al Brown, Julien Barber (violas)
Kermit Moore, George Ricci (cellos)
Herb Bushler (bass)

Horn Section:

Frank Wess, Seldon Powell, Harold Vick, Billy Slapin (saxophones)
Danny Moore, Jon Faddis, Joseph Wilder (trumpets, flugelhorns)
Garnett Brown, Kiane Zawadi (trombones)
Billy Slapin (clarinet)

Joel Dorn, Les McCann, Jack Shaw (producers)
Morgan Ames (production associate)
Bob Liftin (recording engineer, re-mix engineer)
Rick Heenan (recording engineer)
Basil Pao (art direction, design)
John Pearson (cover photograph: from the book The Sun's Birthday)
Clyde Stringer (liner photography)
Rev. B. (liner notes)
Les McCann (liner notes)

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