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Les McCann
Change, Change, Change
Live At The Roxy

1977 on ABC # AS-9333 (LP)

Track List:
Side 1 - 23:47
  1. Change, Change, Change (Les McCann/Rev. B.) - 4:29
  2. I Don't Want To Say Goodbye To A Brother (Les McCann/Rev. B.) - 8:44
  3. North Carolina (Les McCann/Rev. B.) - 5:34
  4. The Roller (James Rowser) - 5:00
Side 2 - 24:35
  1. Rid Of Me (Les McCann/Rev. B.) - 7:35
  2. I Never Thought That You Would Go (Les McCann/Rev. B.) - 6:48
  3. The Song Of Love (Les McCann) - 10:12
Total - 48:22

at The Roxy on the Sunset Strip, Hollywood, CA

Les McCann (keyboards, vocals), (arranger: except Track 2-2)
Jimmy Rowser (bass)
Kevin Johnson (drums)
Nick Kirgo (guitar)
Steuart Liebig (guitar)
Charles Owens (tenor sax)
Ernie Fields (tenor sax, baritone sax)
Lon Norman (trombone), (arranger: Track 2-2)
Nolan Smith (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Esmond Edwards, Les McCann (producers)
Danny Wallin (recording engineer, mixing engineer)
John Golden (mastering engineer)
Steve Macfadyen, Steve Brimmer, Tom Steel, Tim Green, Bob Budd (assistant engineers)
Latebloomers Inc. (art direction)
Neil Preston - Mirage (photography)
Rev. B. (liner notes)

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