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Les McCann
Les Is More

Jan. 29, 1991 on Night # 2-91591 (CD)

Mar. 21, 1991 on Virgin # VJCP-30089 [Japan] (CD)

Oct. 15, 2002 on Hyena # SD-9305 (CD)

This is a compilation of varied material culled by producer Joel Dorn from Les McCann's personal tape collection. It includes a humorous story spoken by Les and two tracks of music by other artists (Roberta Flack, Stanley Turrentine, Cannonball Adderley, and Carmen McRae), along with six tracks of vintage Les McCann music.

Track List:
  1. Maleah (Les McCann) - 8:31
  2. With These Hands (Abner Silver/Benny Davis) - 5:52
  3. Samia (Les McCann) - 7:03
  4. All The Way (James Van Heusen/Sammy Cahn) - 8:39
  5. Montage: Les By Night - 6:02
    a) Unidentified Blues (trad./arr. by Stanley Turrentine)
    b) Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein/Stephen Sondhein) /
        Oh Babe (Nat Adderley/Julian Adderley)
    c) Satin Doll (Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn/Johnny Mercer)
  6. Little Blue Volkswagen (Les McCann) - 4:10
  7. Clapformation (Les McCann) - 2:53
  8. Spoken: Bird Story (Les McCann) - 8:02
  9. Compared To What (Gene McDaniels) - 5:40
Total - 56:56

  1. 1967 at The Jazz Workshop, Boston, MA
  2. 1967 at the Village Gate, New York, NY
  3. 1970's unknown live date
  4. ca. 1969 at Mister Henry's, Washington, DC
  5. late 1960's in Los Angeles, CA at
    a) The Tropicana
    b) Marty's On The Hill
    c) Shelly's Manne-Hole
  6. ca. 1983 at an open air concert in Santa Barbara, CA
  7. unknown
  8. unknown
  9. unknown

By track:

  1. Les McCann (piano)
    Leroy Vinnegar (bass)
    Frank Severino (drums)

  2. Les McCann (piano, vocal)
    Leroy Vinnegar (bass)
    unidentified (drums)
    Ted O'Reilly (interviewer)

  3. Les McCann (piano)
    Eddie Harris (tenor sax)
    Curtis Robinson, Jr. (bass)
    Tony St. James (drums)

  4. Roberta Flack (piano, vocal)
    Mike Smith (bass)
    Louis Powers (drums)
    Ted O'Reilly (interviewer)

  5. a) Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax)
        Joe Sample (piano)
        Leroy Vinnegar (bass)
        unidentified (drums)
    b) Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (sax)
        Nat Adderley (cornet)
        Sam Jones (bass)
        Louis Hayes (drums)
        unidentified (piano)
    c) Carmen McRea (vocal)
        Norman Simmons (piano)
        Ray Brown (bass)
        unidentified (drums)

  6. Les McCann (piano, vocal)
    Curtis Robinson, Jr. (bass)
    Tony St. James (drums)
    Bobby Bryant, Jr. (tenor sax)
    Jeff Elliott (trumpet)

  7. Les McCann (electric piano, vocal)
    Curtis Robinson, Jr. (bass)
    Tony St. James (drums)
    Gerald Albright (alto sax)

  8. Les McCann (voice)

  9. Les McCann (electric piano, vocal)
    Jimmy Rowser (electric bass)
    Donald Dean (drums)
    Buck Clarke (conga drums)

Joel Dorn (producer, liner notes)
Bernard Drayton (associate producer)
Jeremy Lascelles (executive producer)
Les McCann (recording)
Victor Rykken (recording: Track 4)
Gene Paul (engineer)
Scott Paul (assistant engineer)
DB Plus (mastering)
Alan Rubens (business administrator)
Linda Gavin (administration coordinator)
John Martin (cover illustration)
Jacques Beneich, Les McCann (photos)
Icon (design)

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