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Stanley Turrentine
Straight Ahead

1985 on Blue Note # BT-85105 (LP)

Les McCann appears on two (of 6) tracks.

Track List:
Side 1
    3.   Other Side Of Time (Stanley Turrentine) - 5:25
Side 2
    2.   The Longer You Wait (Les McCann/Jon Hendricks) - 8:58
Total (2 tracks) - 14:23

Nov. 24, 1984 at Power Play Studios, Long Island City, NY

Stanley Turrentine (tenor sax)
Les McCann (piano, Fender Rhodes)
Peter Brown (electric bass)
Jimmy Ponder (electric guitar)
Gerrick King (drums)

Stanley Turrentine (producer)
Tony May (recording engineer)
Rick Gratz (assistant engineer)
Bob Ludwig/Masterdisk (mastering)
Richard Carpenter (management)
Paula Scher/Koppel & Scher (design)
Gilles Larrain (photography)

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