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Digital Audio, Video, Hi-Fi, Vacuum Tubes and other geek stuff, with other cool Website links, too!

Our new address IS www.audiotubes.com which is easier to remember, and will serve you even better than before. Clicking any of the links below will take you to all new pages.


My tube buying is STILL in high gear right now, and I am adding many fine audiophile tubes to my listings. Please check the "TUBE SALE" box below, as I am updating those pages and my audiophile tube page several times each week! Press "reload" or "refresh" if you have visited any of these pages before, to make sure your web browser displays the latest tube goodies I have in stock! I also buy tubes, so e-mail me your list of what you have to sell. Check these pages often as they are being updated nearly every day. If you have tube questions, e-mail me! If you need info about tubes FAST, then call me at 847-496-4546 from 8 until 4 Monday through Friday. I've got answers! When you are ready to order, check out our new credit card online ordering system. Thanks for your business!

I was born with a microphone in my hand, probably a Shure SH55, and I never put it down. In fact, in the years since, I picked up many cool things to plug the mike into, such as reel-to-reel and cassette decks, PA systems, mixing boards, digital recorders, and both an AM and FM transmitter. THEN I discovered video. Then came antique radios, vintage tube gear, and of course vacuum tubes. Now, there's my jammin' gig with my own company, Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc., a great place to work because I dig making customers happy, the boss is cool, AND I get hands on all the greatest antique electronic toys and tubes! So, between making tapes, selling tubes, fixing radios and VCRs and Hi-Fi gear, who has time to sit and read Web Pages?

But Stop and Listen To My Radio Station, Browse The Tubes, and get Hip to What's Geek!

If you are looking for vacuum tubes, this is the place. If you need audio or video duplication, editing, or digital conversions done, this is the place. Need a replacement remote control? I've got 'em. Looking for high-end hi-fi accessories and home theatre stuff? It's here. If you have RealAudio, listen to WBDJ, my radio station that's rockin' the Internet! FINALLY!! NEW SHOW #7! If you have questions about the Audio/Video universe, this is the place, just ask.

NEW! Order tubes or merchandise online using your credit card! Click the PayPal button below to find out more!

FAX YOUR CREDIT CARD ORDER 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week, to 847-496-4546. Click here for a printable, easy FAX order form. Use your "back" button to return to this page.



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Tubes for sale speaking of tubes... The Tubeshow (RealAudio) Professional Audio/Video services My old radios Remote controls for sale Free Tubesaver Screensaver! Virtual garage sale My eBay store Tube Tee Shirts Antiques for sale! Tube Testers For Sale

Cool links WBDJ on the airListen to WBDJ.....right here, RIGHT NOW! My own radio station, rockin' the Internet! AT LAST!! NEW SHOW #7! Then, while you are rockin', come back and click the speaker icon below to read about my new audio restoration services!


An Important Note About NOS Tubes. Please Read.

Click Here For My Items Currently Listed For Sale at my eBay store!

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Looking for Vacuum Tubes?

tubes for sale

I have a good selection of tubes for sale, most new old stock, some used, all tested and good. Radio, TV, antique, audiophile, industrial and transmitter types are all represented. Every tube I sell is hand selected and tested just prior to shipping. I can offer special selection by brand, construction, or matching, and I guarantee each tube. I also guarantee the lowest prices on the Internet. If you buy from me and find a lower price for the same brand and style of tube elsewhere on the 'net within 30 days, I will refund the price difference. Tubes are hotter than ever these days! In spite of an overall increase in tube prices due to supply and demand, I still take pride in the fact that my prices are lowest.....GUARANTEED!

You can view my MAIN tube price list by clicking here and check them out!

You can see my stock of audiophile tubes by clicking here and check them out!

You can see my stock of antique and collectable tubes by clicking here and check them out!



12AX7 / ECC83

12AU7 / ECC82

12AT7 / ECC81

6BQ5 / EL84 / 7189

6SN7GT / GTA / GTB / WGT / 5692

6SL7GT, WGT, 5691, 6SU7

6DJ8 / ECC88, 6922, 7308

6V6 / 6V6GT / 7408

EL34 / 6CA7

This list has grown from 500 types to over 1200 since I first posted it on the Internet! Your tube inquiries via e-mail has grown from one per week to over 20 a day and climbing! Thanks! I personally answer every e-mail I get, so, send me e-mail with your tube needs and I'll e-mail you back how to order. $6.00 priority mail, $8 UPS shipping for up to 20 tubes in the USA. Shipping rates to other countries available upon request. Allow 5-7 days delivery, although in the US it usually takes less than 7 days.

Got RealAudio? Click here to hear THE TUBESHOW, a short talk show with Pam Pentode and her sidekick Larry, who is a computer made entirely out of vacuum tubes! Now on episode two, hear the latest! For episode one, click here.

Read the latest installment of "Speaking of Tubes....." right here! Updated, Issue number four, featuring NOS TUBES: NEW OLD STOCK or NASTY OLD STUFF?!

Looking For Vacuum Tube Stereo?

We now proudly carry high-end, brand name amps and hi-fi accessories that are sure to appeal to discriminating tastes. I have personally evaluated the items we offer for sale, and have chosen only those that fit in well with the finest vacuum tube or solid state systems. These items range from stereo headphones to whole system power conditioners and surge supressors.

We also carry antique and vintage vacuum tube units. These include amplifiers, preamplifiers, tuners, tape recorders, and other vacuum tube hi-fi components. All have been completely restored, retubed where necessary, aligned, and tested. All carry our standard vacuum tube warranty. Check this page out for classic tube stereo units and one-of-a-kind tube rarities!

Click here for all of our vintage vacuum tube equipment!

Looking for a Virtual Electronics Garage Sale?

I am a real pack rat when it comes to electronics and related items. I also love garage sales. To help me move some of my overflow, here is my idea of an Internet garage sale. It's full of cool stuff at a nice price, and it's open every day and night! I've got classic antique vacuum tube radios, hi-fi and video stuff, and some really offbeat items. Park your browser in front and click here to enter the garage!

Looking for audio or video editing, duplication, or digital transfers?

I can do just about anything you want with audio or video. Send me your master tape and I can edit it to your specs, clone it, duplicate it until the cows come home, and transfer it from one format to another, digital or analog. You can view my Professional Services rate sheet byclicking here and check them out! Send me E-mail with what you need, and I will send you ordering information.

Click here for audio restoration services!

If you've read this far, you probably want to hear more. If you have the RealAudio plug-in, click here so I can tell you more! If you want the free RealAudio player plug-in, click here to get it! Just for fun, here is some RealAudio music I recorded.

RealAudio homepage

Looking for a replacement remote control?

remote controls for sale

I can supply just about any remote ever made. These are all original equiment remote control hand units, NOT universal or cheap replacements! Just click on the icon here to go to my remote control page.

Looking for something else?

You don't even have to leave this page to find anything you want on the World Wide Web! Yahoo! and I can lead you right to it. Just enter the keyword or words of what you are searching for in the space below, and click the Search button. Happy hunting!


Cool linkscool!

Click here for the top ten cool links, and many more!

Thanks for dropping in!

Check this homepage out periodically. If you have an interest in vacuum tubes, professional audio or video recording, hi-fi gear, or just cool web sites, the search engines lead here! Send me E-mailabout ordering info, questions, or comments. If you live in the Chicago Metro area, check out a great Internet service provider, RCN. These nice folks are serving up this web page, and they have the best rates going. If you sign up, tell them Brent Jessee sent you. Stay plugged in!

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