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Barb is a contract computer programmer working on mainframe computers. Barb enjoys cooking and more specifically, baking bread. She likes making her traditional family favorites such as perogies, halupkies, borscht, kvass and haluski. Any guesses where her family roots are? Barb is interested in counted cross stitch but never seems to have time to get it done. She loves to go bird watching, camping, and sunning herself at the beach. For swimming, she prefers a pool, any pool, any time! She is a good "fisher person" and often beats Dave when on charter trips. Just ask her who owns the family record for biggest wahoo, first tuna or who caught the most salmon in Alaska! She'll stand side by side with Dave pounding the surf on the Outer Banks. Sometimes it seems that if Barb didn't fish, Dave wouldn' have any fish to eat! Barb is the scroll saw expert in the house and is often making clocks, puzzles and other bric-a-brak when she has free time. Her Nativity sets and Advent wreaths are featured on our woodworking page.

Barb plays the guitar and has studied under Roger Latzgo and Joe Mixon. Barb has also played violin and drums although not at the same time! As far as types of music, Barb likes classical, pop, and jazz.
She really enjoys playing guitar and has led the singing at summer church camp at the Moravian Church camp at Hope Conference & Renewal Center in Hope NJ and has led music for the 2nd Saturday at 6 Contemporary Worship Service at East Hills Moravian Church. Barb also like to read having a particular interest in American historical figures like John Adams and Thomas Jefferson.

Dave loves to make sawdust with most any power tool (more power, argh, argh argh) and is usually building jewelry boxes, wooden tone drums or wood banks which feature mailbox doors from Lehigh University. That is when he isn't producing boomerangs. His boomerang creations have now won four times at the National Craftsmanship Contest held by the US Boomerang Association in 1996, 1999, 2002 and 2004.
Dave served as the head judge for the contest in 2003. He has also collected more than 600 boomerangs and a good number of aboriginal artifacts. He is also an accomplished home wine maker having won numerous awards in American Wine Society competition. Dave's skills in the kitchen include home brewing , smoke cooking, cooking chili and cooking with chiles! He is a card carrying "Chile-head" and has a hot sauce collection of over 250 bottles. He is often cooking in the kitchen more than Barb, much to her delight!

Dave's current love is surf fishing. He got "hooked" on it in 2001 on the OBX and has made return trips there and to Ocean City, MD to pound the surf. Dave plays a number of brass instruments but principally the french horn. He was a founding member of the Kammercor Horn Quartet. He is interested in unusual instruments and is trying to learn to play the didjeridoo, which now total five in the house. Barb and Dave have a number of percussion instruments and could practically run a drum circle with their collection. Dave also likes strange music like PDQ Bach and similar stuff, sometimes wandering into world music. Other than that, he also likes classical, pop, contemporary Christian, and jazz. As a member of East Hills Moravian Church, Dave was singing in the choir, sticks his neck out for a few solos, and plays horn in the Joyful Horns, EHMC's brass group. Dave has also worked on several hymn arrangements for the Joyful Horns. In his free time, Dave works in the IT industry as a transition manager, establishing teams in new engagements.

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