Looking for Hot Stuff!

As Chileheads, Barb and Dave search out hot sauce stores and sample their wares. Here are photos from some of their travels. Click on the image to get a larger view of the photo.

Here we are at Suzie's Hot Sauce in New Hope, PA. These were taken in early February of 2000. While there, Suzie took our photo to add to her "Wall of Flame". Suzie, if you read this: "I love the hot pretzels!" Visit Suzie's at Suzie's Hot Sauce.
In May we returned to Suzie's along with members from our church's adult fellowship group. No one ever said we were a laid back group!
This must be the "Holy Grail" of hot sauce shops. These photos were taken over Memorial Day weekend in Peppers, located in Rehobeth Beach, DE. There are simply too many hot sauces and other items to even imagine. We spent considerable time and money there and managed to take a few photos too. They have an awesome tasting bar where you can really set you taste buds on fire! Visit Peppers at :Peppers.
A family wedding brought us to Jacksonville, FL. Since the home of the Datil pepper is a short drive away in St Augustine, we headed there to look for Dat'l Do-it Sauce. We found two great shops in old St Augustine, Mara's Hotter Side and Hot Stuff Mon. These are photos from Mara's Hotter Side. Barb found a bottle of Lotties Bajan Hot Sauce, her favorite!

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