USBA Boomerang Craftsmanship Contest Winners

This page is dedicated to those people who make beautiful boomerangs. On it we will try to keep a current listing of the people who have won or placed in the annual USBA Boomerang Craftsmanship Contest. In the beginning no awards were issued and many of these people never receive the recognition that they deserve. As we obtain photos of the award winning boomerangs, you will be able to click on the winner's name and be linked to the photos (or to their websites) If you have a photo of any of them, please email us and let us know what we need to do to get a copy. If you can send a scan, that would be great but we can scan photos and return them if needed. See our address below. If you know of suitable links to any of these people, please advise us so we can link them also.

Please bear with us if the photos are not the best quality or if none are available. As we are dependent on others to provide the photos, we have no control on what we receive, or even if we get something.

Special thanks go to several special people for helping this project get off the ground. First, Pat Steigman helped come up with the idea to do this and has been a source of encouragement through the project. Another big thank you goes to Gary Broadbent, who has spent many hard-earned dollars to obtain many of these boomerangs for his collection. We may be able to photograph the boomerangs at some time. Additional thanks go to the people who supplied much of information used to compile this page. They include Tony Brazelton, John Flynn, Norm Kern of Left Turn Boomerangs, Neil Kalmanson of Kalmanson Boomerangs, Stu Jones and Ted Bailey.

2006, Atlanta

Category First Second Third
Design David Fantone, Tick Don Monroe, Onion John Gaston, Z.
Decoration Ace & Bruce Armstrong, Guitar David Fantone, Hot Sauce David Hirsch, Snake
Craftsmanship Bruce Armstrong, Lap-jointed V David Hirsch, Voyager none

2005, Vermont

1st place Woodworking Mark Zaitlin, Strip Laminated Triblade
1st place Decoration: Louis Poirier, Fiberglass MTA
1st place Design/Technology Axel Heckner, injection-molded "Renner"

2004, Delaware Ohio

Category First Second Third
Plywood Dave Hughes,
G9 Texas Skeeter
Dan Johnson AR boom
Nice flame paint
Scot McMillan,
small standard shape
Hardwood Boomerang Andy Cross,
Curly koa
none none
Art Dave Hendricks, Corn Snake none none
Strip laminated
Natural Elbow, Veneer
Gary Broadbent, Gerhard's Hook Bob Foresi none

2003, Houston, Texas

Category First Second Third
Hardwood Steven Graham, Half Oak Lapjoint Andy Cross, Figured Walnut Lapjoint Andy Cross, Redheart Lapjoint
Natural Elbow Matt Golenor, Maple Natural Elbow none none
Best Plywood Design Steven Graham, Super Loop Jens Krabbe, Puzzle from Challenge Cup Stuart Jones, "T" for Texas
Best Other Materials Pierre Kutek, Carbon and Veneer "Nabab" Stephane Marguerite, Plywood and Walnut Veneer Triblade Juachim Beeres, Folding Boomerang
Challenge Cup Richard Bower Harald Toft Steve Carlson
Mega/mini: Mega Pat Steigman, Big Frog by Tom Conally John Gaston, Scimitar John Gaston, Giant Triblade
Mega/mini: Mini Will Nolen, 115.05 mm Jens Krabbe, 116.65 mm John Gaston

2002, North Bend, Washington

Category First Second
Hardwood Lapjoint Dave Hendricks, Ebony Quad John Cross, Flame Myrtle
Boomerang-related art object Stuart Jones, Twin Beaks Katie Bower, Horse
Natural Elbow Bob Foresi, Sussex Throwstick Dave Hendricks, Pine Natural Elbow
Boomerang Art Kendall Davis, Travelogue Triskelion Snake Kylie, Bud Pell
Challenge Cup Stuart Jones, Stars and Stripes Jens Krabbe

2001 - Delaware, Ohio

Hardwood Tom Brausch, Walnut Lapjoint
Natural Elbow Eric Darnell, White Oak
Most Creative Design Stuart Jones. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Challenge Cup Doug DuFresne

2000 - Canton, Ohio

Hardwood Kendall Davis, Honduran Rosewood Lapjoint
Plywood Kendall Davis, KangaRang
Technology Kendall Davis, Airplane Boomerang

1999 - Virginia Beach, VA

Category First Second Third
Artistic Neil Kalmanson, Ballerina Will Gix, Four-Blader Kelly Leggette, Paradise
Aesthetics Dave Hendricks
Ebony and Pink Ivory lapjoint
Dr. Fred Malmberg, Blistered Mahogany Lapjoint, Gary Broadbent Profile Pat Steigman, Strip Laminate
Technology David Schummy, Aurora Stephane Marguerite, The Phoenix N/A
Most Original Neil Kalmanson, Check Stuart Jones, Time Flies Gary Broadbent Jr., Wahoola-rang
Glue, Foil,
Finish, Toss Contest
Tom Conally, Cherry Lap Joint Pat Steigman, Chestnut Lap Joint Bob White, Cherry Tree Lap Joint

1998 - Amherst, MA

Most Creative Design Alan Scott Craig, Parrot Fling

1997 - Delaware, OH

Artistic Black Pearl (skeleton effect)
by Flying Wombat
Aesthetics John Gorsky multi lap rare wood boomerang

1996 - Virginia Beach, VA

Technology and Design Tie
Eric Darnell
Trifly Fact Catch
Kelly Legette
Motorized Boomerangs
Artistic Tie
Kelly Legette
Painted Challenger III
Gary Broadbent
Michael Jordan Boomerang
Aesthetics Tie
Dr. Fred Malmberg
Assorted Lap Joint Boomerangs
Dave Hendricks
Assorted Lap Joint Boomerangs

1995 - Minneapolis, MN

Category First Second Third
Design Michael Girvin & Dave Grover
"Boom, Boom, Boom"
Norm Kern
Fish Boomerang

Craftsmanship Jeff Crandall
Lap Joint "Mummy Cave"
Gary Broadbent
"Superman" Boomerang

Technology Hartmut Steeb(?)


Dwaine Morris
Dot Art Trifly

1994 - Jackson, MI

Category First Second Third
Design Michael Girvin & Suzanne Lentz Norm Kern,
Bridge Boomerang
Stuart Jones,
anchor shaped boomerang
Craftsmanship John Flynn
Yellow Birch Hook
Natural elbow
Fred Malmberg
Assorted Lap Joints
Steve Conway
Assorted Lap Joints
Technology Eric Darnell
fast catch trio
Michael Girvin,
Sunshine omega with flaps,for Aussie Round
Gary Broadbent,
triblader for foot catching
Decoration Mark Johnson Michael Girvin,
Majestic Beaut.
Gary Broadbent
"Spiderman" Boomerang

1993 - Redmomnd, WA

Aesthetics Hardwood Lapjoint, Fred Malmberg
Most Creative Design The Gumby, Norm Kern

1992 - Amherst, MA

Aesthetics Hardwood Lapjoint, Fred Malmberg

1991 - Delaware, OHo

Aesthetics Tulipwood Lapjoint, Fred Malmberg

1990 - St Louis, MO

Design Craftsmanship Technology Decoration
Larry Parks
Interlocking Target Boomerang
Jonas Romblad
inlaid wood boom
Jonas Romblad
Kevlar and wood MTA
Alan Scott Craig
Triangle Snake Boomerang

1989 - Gunnison, Colorado

1988 - Bethlehem, PA

Most Creative Maccaw Pair, Alan Scott Craig

1987 - Cleveland, OH

1986 - Atlanta, GA

Best Decoration Neil Kalmanson, Reversible Boomerang
Photo 2, reverse side
Best Design Neil Kalmanson, Moonscape

1985 - Los Angeles, CA

Most Unique Boomerang Neil Kalmanson, Interlocking Pair
Another of Niel's Interlocking pairs.

1984 - Delaware, OH

Aesthetics John Flynn, Natural Elbow
Aesthetics Oscar Cuartas, Colombia

1983 Washington, DC

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