7th Grade

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Last Updated: October 24, 2001

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That was homework?!

Mrs. Knoff

Keep reading your immigration book and filling out the graphic organizers in the scrapbook packet.

Mrs. Platt
Ms. Platt’s websites:

http://mlplatt.homestead.com - 7th Grade
http://msplatt2.homestead.com - 8th Grade

Mr. Kipp-McGowan

EG: pg 194 #13-24, pg 198 #16-32

F: pg 194 #12-24, pg 198 #1-6

Mr. Risdon Section A: No Homework
All other Sections: Finish all of Practice Worksheet 151

Mr. Bacon Complete take home quiz
all of todays handouts are due on Thursday 10/25/01
Ms. Choinski http://schoinski.homestead.com/firstpage.html

Ms. Cline

Finish time lines Rome

24-31 in Across the Centuries should be done

Sheet 16 - Rome to be completed

Mr. Vasile Using Egypt packet answer
Questions 6-12 due on 10/25

Ms. Dyer Due Friday, 11/2/01 1 - 2 double-spaced page paper on Music including a cover page with name, date, period, graphic, and an internet source with information used highlighted.

Mr. Shilalie Read pages 96-98 Answer ques. 1-5 p.98

Ms. Cambrola *
Mr. Delgado *

  Mr. Millet

p. 82 worksheet as guide

In French wite 11 sentences:

"Do you have a (_______)?"

"No I don't have a (______)?"

* - not available at time of update

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