Internet for Teachers


This session will focus on websites that allow for student interactivity.  I have included a list of the sites we will visit as well as a list of high quality general resource education sites.


Free Interactive sites – no signup – no sign in


AAAmath –   Online drills in math subjects from early

years through basic algebra

Puzzlemaker –            Make puzzles online such as

         word searches and much more.  Then print them out for student use.

Puzzles online -


Spanish flashcards -  with sound


Harcourt School -        Adapted from some of their CD titles


BrainPop          -      Online short education videos.  If your students have time, this is worth it.




**Interactive sites that require a sign-in and sign-up process for some parts:**


Quia –                 quizzes and other activities you design or borrow

Funbrain –                  similar to quia – depends on your preference




Sites that offer free interactivity but can include additional services for a fee.


**Riverdeep –           Math, language arts and science focus**


Edmark -                   A division of Riverdeep with a focus in

special needs



General resources for teachers


www4teachers -      Tools for getting your classes online


*EducationWorld –     One of the best general

resources for teachers


*LearningNetwork –  Another vast resource plus

access to easy online grade book and website creation


Teachervision –               This is a teacher specific portion of the LearningNetwork site.


*Lightspan – Wide resources focused on K-8 studies


*DiscoverySchool –   Home of Kathy Schrock’s

    teacher’s guide and much more


Foreign Language Resources -     


Sites that can only be accessed by paying


NetSchools Orion -          Just to give you an

idea of what is being done with technology in education


General resource sites accessed through free sign-up process


HighWire -                    A high school specific site