The New England Art Therapy Institute
is a division of
The Center for Creative Consciousness, Inc.

Facilitating personal growth and creative transformation

through the expressive arts

Over the past 22 years or work at NEATI has expanded beyond the field of art therapy to include the application of creative behavior in social, education, medical, and corporate settings in 1997 we formed the Center for Creative Consciousness to fullfill this expanded mission.

Our Approach

Our unique method is based on over 22 years of research and experience.

We use art-making as a metaphor for exploring personal and cultural behavioral patterns. The power and speed of personal growth is dramatically increased when you engage images from the unconscious. As you step aside and let the images come through, the images themselves become the agents of transformation. Through creativity, the soul instinctively heals itself.

Our work is effective in addressing a wide range of issues, including:

  • increasing self-esteem
  • enhancing relationships
  • clarifying life direction
  • rejuvenating creativity
  • recovery from abuse and trauma

Our Services

Individual Therapy

Revitalize your personal life and work by using transformational art to access your creativity.

We help children and adults access the healing power of their creativity through a blend of art and verbal therapy. You don't need any previous art experience to benefit from this process, just a willingness to explore and express your personal symbols and metaphors.

Clinical Supervision

Expland yor skills to include transformational art in your work ­ you and your work will be revitalized!

We offer supervision for people who are working towards art therapy registration or who want to include art as a therapeutic modality in their work with groups or individuals in social service, medical, or educational settings.


Our workshops will now be offered through the The Center for Creative Consciousness, Inc., and will focus on the creative process and the environment necessary to cultivate creative behavior. For those seeking more intensive study, CCC offeres a four-month Creativity in Action Program.

Certificate Program

NEATI no longer offers a two year certificate program. For those who are looking for information about Art Therapy or training programs in the field, we recommend that you contact the American Art Therapy Association.

Want More Information?

All information about our programs can be found either here
or on the The Center for Creative Consciousness, Inc. web site.
In the interest of becoming more ecological and efficient,
we no longer send out printed materials.

If you have questions which are not answered here or at the CCC website,
you can call us at
Monday-Friday, 10 AM - 5 PM, Eastern Standard Time,
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