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hi all...same old, same old...we do have a request though - anyone have a copy of Bill's acoustic CD-R that he was selling out west? We'd like to get a copy, as well as include it here in the discography...help! thanks in advance...also, much thanks to rob mills for his bevy of ticket stubs from the u.k.!

we‘ve tried to compile the most complete buffalo tom discography available to collectors - we are aware that the discography is somewhat incomplete, and we‘re hoping that many of you can help fill any holes you may find. we are missing many images, and have many question marks confirming issue dates, issue countries, catalog numbers, etc. if anyone can provide any additional info it would be much appreciated. For current tour information, please check out Shoestraps and Eyelashes, Michael Newman's official BT website at http://www.buffalotom.com.

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