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What the Secular World Knows

If you went to a secular bookstore and wanted to buy a book on UFOs, you would probably find it in the "New Age-Occult" section, not the "Science" section. Which means that the secular booksellers recognize something about UFOs that even some famous Christian leaders do not see: UFOs are basically an occult, as opposed to a scientific phenomenon. Which means, by Christian standards, the secular booksellers are effectively recognizing the phenomenon as being satanic.

There is far more than a passing connection between the UFO Phenomenon and the New Age Movement. Belief in UFOs in the sense of belief in regular visits by and communication with benevolent aliens who have come to help us is a major part of New Age Philosophy. This was the basic belief of the Heaven's Gate cult, and they were not an exception. Heaven's Gate differed from other UFO cults, and the New Age Movement generally, only in the extreme to which they took the idea. That kind of belief is common to, at least, most UFO cults. Belief in UFOs as benevolent aliens, or even as angels, has even invaded some Churches and ostensibly Christian ministries. This writer once heard this view from the mouth a well-known New York City Bible teacher.

Actually, UFOs are produced by angelic beings, but fallen angelic beings. They are not of God. They are of Satan.

The Contactee Phenomenon

Belief in benevolent aliens is not blind faith. There are many people who honestly (from their perception) claim to be in communication with intelligent extraterrestrials, that is, the occupants of UFOs. These people either communicate with "aliens" telepathically, or in some cases, face to face. This is something that goes beyond UFO abductions. It is what has been called "Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind", also known as the "contactee phenomenon". It is the main source of inspiration for UFO cults. One secular writer had observed the behavior of several "contactee" UFO cult leaders. While admitting that he didn't like using the term, but saying that it was the only term he could think of that described what he saw, said in his book that the "contactee" UFO cult leaders behaved as though they were "possessed".

You better believe it!

A revealing aspect of this is that most, though by no means all, of the contact is done telepathically, or by other occult means, such as automatic writing. The people who do this kind of communication with "aliens", are, again, called "contactees", because it is usually the "aliens" who initiate the original contact with each person. Sometimes the same "alien" or "aliens" contact more than one person. They give names to identify themselves. One of the names thus given is "Ashtar". This word happens to be essentially the same word as the name of a pagan goddess worshipped in several ancient cultures. See Ephesians 6:12. That verse refers to the demonic powers behind pagan religions. It appears that the same powers are responsible for the "contactee" phenomenon.

UFO "Information"

The information that is given by "aliens" who communicate in this way with humans falls into three general categories:

Giant Rock

There used to be an occult center for communication with "aliens" in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, at a place called Giant Rock. It is not in operation anymore because the man who ran it, George Van Tassel, has died. Giant Rock is actually a huge boulder, the size of a small apartment building, that sits by itself in the desert. There is a cave under the rock, and the people who wanted to communicate with aliens would go down into that cave. They would sit there in a circle, chant, pray, meditate and sing hymns. Soon, an "alien" would take control of the voice of one or more of them and communicate through him or her.

You know what that kind of communication session is called otherwise. It is a sťance! It is a matter of sound Christian doctrine that the beings who communicate in ordinary sťances are demons masquerading as deceased humans. In this case, it was demons masquerading as aliens.

UFOs On Demand

The "aliens" who have communicated with the contactees have not wanted to be accused of being imposters, so they have on a number of occasions, particularly at Giant Rock, produced UFOs in the sky on demand, at the request of the people with whom they were communicating. At Giant Rock, the UFOs were real enough to be photographed. One was actually photographed while being chased by a fighter plane (this writer has seen the photo). That Real! There have been other such cases. In one, unrelated case, a group of U. S. Navy officers were investigating a contactee who was communicating with an "alien" by automatic writing. They asked to see a UFO, and were told, again, by automatic writing, to look out the window. They did, and the UFO was there.

UFO Spirit Photography 

In other unrelated cases, there have been contactees who, at the behest of "aliens", took photographs of scenes in which nothing unusual was visible, but when the photos were developed, UFOs appeared in the pictures! This phenomenon is basically the same as what is otherwise known as "spirit photography", which originated in occult circles in England back around the year 1900. It has happened in a variety of occult and sťance situations since. It appears that demons are capable of putting phony images on photographic negatives and Polaroid's. By the way, the same thing has happened in connection with apparitions of the Virgin Mary. This writer has held photos of this type in his hands; photos taken at a Catholic shrine in New York City. Vague pictures of "Mary", and other unexplainable images had appeared on the film. This writer has also observed a similar case with a Christian group in New York City that swore that the Holy Spirit had told them the date of the Rapture. The unexplainable images were supposed evidence of the Spirit's presence in their meetings. History proved them wrong about the date several years ago. These photos are really therefore evidence of demonic activity, and nothing more.

The "Ancient Astronaut" Theory

One of the most subtly satanic aspects of the UFO Phenomenon is the "Ancient Astronaut" theory. This theory asserts, to begin with, that UFOs have been visiting the earth since before the dawn of recorded history. There is no question that there are records of strange events that sound like UFO encounters throughout history, including things that predate the time of Christ. But then again, Satan has been around since before the Fall of Man, at least. The theory states further that the "aliens" interacted with humans in ancient times in ways much greater than what they do now. It says that they gave humans the knowledge to build large structures like Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Egypt. It say that they also taught us the arts of civilization generally. In its most extreme form, it says that the aliens actually created the human race by genetically engineering and/or interbreeding with subhuman life forms.

The Face on Mars

This idea has acquired renewed credibility in recent years because of the discovery of the Face on Mars. The idea has been promoted that there are other artificial structures on Mars and the Moon. The idea is that they were built by spacefaring aliens in ancient times. Some Christians have joined this movement by saying that these structures were built by humans and/or fallen angels before the Flood. There is currently a widespread conspiracy theory that claims that NASA is covering up the knowledge of these structures.

The Face on Mars exists, there is no question about that. It is a huge land formation, approximately 11/2 x 2 km. in size, that looks liken a relief sculpture of a human face looking up into the sky. It is by no means certain, though, that it is artificial. There are many natural rock formations, though much, much smaller, on earth that resemble the faces of humans and even animals. Still, the existence of such a large geological anomaly is not impossible. The Face is not perfectly symmetrical, which you would expect it to be if it were in fact artificial. Moreover, at least one commentator has noted that it looks more like the face of a monkey than that of a human. What has added credibility to the idea that the Face is artificial is that there is a cluster of formations near it that superficially resembles the pyramids at Giza, and the face vaguely resembles the Sphinx. Cultists claim that the two sites are related.

Actually, the other structures in question do not look anywhere near so artificial, and they are mountain-sized. This writer has examined a number of photographs that show the structures near the Face and some in other places. With the exception of exactly one location, none of them showed anything that really looked artificial, and in fact most showed nothing that was recognizable as anything in particular. The one exception is in the formation near the Face. It appears to be a wall with a distinct right angle in it, and thus appears to be part of an artificial structure. But it could easily be just another geological anomaly. The existence of two such huge anomalies that close together is not inconsistent with the laws of mathematical probability.

In studying the Bible, this writer has observed that one of the most common forms of error in doctrine is reading things into the Bible that aren't there. It appears that cultists and crackpots do the same thing with photographs.

It is highly unlikely that NASA is covering up information about artificial structures on the Moon or Mars. It would be contrary to their best interests and inconsistent with what they have been doing. Since the Challenger disaster, NASA has been having to get by with a much smaller budget than what they once had. Just the possibility of fossil, microscopic alien life forms in a meteorite believed to have come from Mars is promoting funding for a new series of Mars probes. If there was concrete reason to believe that there are large alien artifacts on Mars or on the Moon, it would promote funding for manned space exploration like never before, worldwide. We would be back on the Moon inside five years, on Mars inside ten years.

Special Note (12/18/98): The photos of Mars referred to above were taken by the Viking spacecraft in 1976. Since this page was originally posted, NASA has published new photos of the relevant areas of Mars taken from the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft in mid1998. These are much higher resolution pictures than those taken by the Viking spacecraft, and show much more detail. They show that the Face, as well as the formations that resemble pyramids, are not obviously artificial at all, but they - the Face in particular - are almost certainly just natural formations. There is nothing in the pictures that can be taken as clear evidence of intelligent construction.

Ancient Astronauts, God and Creation

The "Ancient Astronaut" theory, as it relates to the origin of the human race, actually represents tacit support of the Creationist view that evolution by chance could not have produced the human race. In this sense, it supports the Bible. But those who hold the theory beg the question by attributing the creation of mankind to intelligent "aliens". This idea was the basis for the classic science fiction film, "2001. A Space Odyssey". The idea is suggested at the beginning of the movie, but is shown much more clearly in the original novel by Arthur C. Clarke on which the movie was based. In this and other ways, the "Ancient Astronaut" theory is actually a vicious attack on the truth of the Bible, and on the existence of the God of the Bible in particular. It says, in essence, that God was actually a super intelligent "alien" or group of "aliens". It even has been claimed that Jesus was an "alien" reincarnated in human form. This happens to be blasphemy. If you, as a Christian, give credence to the "Ancient Astronaut" theory, or any aspect of it, you are participating in this blasphemy.

This theory generally attributes all ancient myths about gods or angels to "aliens". It also says that Biblical visions, particularly the one recorded in Ezekiel 1, were in fact "aliens" and/or alien spacecraft. The people who promote this idea should study the Bible a little more. What Ezekiel saw was a vision of the throne of God, and there is a similar vision in Revelation 4. He was not describing something material.

A Measure of Credibility

A revealing example of the credibility of those who promote the "Ancient Astronaut" theory can be found in this quotation from the best-selling book "Chariots of the Gods" by Erich von Daniken:

"Without actually consulting Exodus, I seem to recall that the Ark of the Covenant was always surrounded by sparks."

If a college student made a statement like "...I seem to recall.."  in a research paper, it would probably get him flunked. It shows a total, and willful absence of real scholarship.

Having made this irresponsible statement, von Daniken proceeded to use it to support his contention that the Ark of the Covenant was actually a radio that Moses used to communicate with "God" in a UFO. He sees the "Pillar of Fire" as a UFO, of course.

If the Ark of the Covenant was a radio, and it was always surrounded by sparks (not true, but he may have derived this idea from a vague misunderstanding of the Shekinah glory of God which sometimes hovered over it) it was a very crude and malfunctioning radio. Not what you would expect from "aliens" capable of practical interstellar travel. If "God" needed to give Moses a radio to communicate with "Him", why something so big and cumbersome as the Ark of the Covenant? How about a cellular phone?

There is, of course, much more to the "Ancient Astronaut" theory than has been discussed here. But, again, this example can be used as a standard of measure for the general credibility of the entire theory, and the related ideas, such as all the nonsense about the Pyramids.

Believe your Bible, and beyond that, where relevant, believe orthodox science and history, not the "Ancient Astronaut" theory. If you accept the theory, or anything that goes with it, you are accepting lies of the devil. Doing so may have serious spiritual consequences. Like not being ready for the Tribulation. Or even becoming demon possessed yourself.

UFOs constitute a direct danger to Christians in more personal ways. These issues will be discussed in the next page,

The Danger To Christians

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