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"These Gazettes are looking phenomenal! The design ... layouts,
your organization of content! Phwweeewww! Fantastic! Thank you!"
—Heather Kent, (Adult Professional Member)
South Hamilton, MA

"Congratulations on such a substantial [June 2006] Gazette... packed with interesting
articles and tidbits!"
—Elizabeth Rowe, (Adult Professional Member)
Boston, MA

"GBFA's Gazette is possibly the most informative, interesting (and amusing) flute publication anywhere in the country…worth joining GBFA just to get the free subscription!"
—Pat Snoblawr (Adult Member)
When it gets about 34° F or below, Pat lives on the hill behind Hobson's Creek, Coldchester, VT
(When it's warmer than 34° F she disappears.)

"Just got the [June 2006] Gazette and it's really great!"
—Barbara Nakazawa, (Adult Professional Member)
Newton, MA

"Thanks for the continuing great work on the Gazette. It's really one of the most enjoyable flute journals coming out... the only one that seems comfortable with
stepping outside of the classical box."
—Carl Dimow, (Adult Professional Member)
South Portland, ME

"Another great job on the Gazette [March 2006]—action-packed, with something for everyone..." —Fenwick Smith, (Adult Professional Member)
Boston, MA

"Again, great job with the Gazette...wide ranging and useful articles from reliable folks. I particularly enjoyed Dave Williams's, Paul Harrington's, and Vanessa Holroyd's contributions."
—Peter H. Bloom, (Adult Professional Member)
Somerville, MA

"Many kudos to you for injecting new life into the Gazette. I really like the sense of humor it has now, which you have added without diminishing in any way the abundant serious information the newsletter still contains."
—Susan Gall, the AUROS Group for New Music (Adult Professional Member)
Boston, MA

"Great job with the Gazette! The range of information, diversity of authors, and levels of sophistication are clearly the result of a lot of hard work and imagination. Well done."
—Peter Bloom (Adult Professional Member)
Somerville, MA

"You're doing a fabulous job! For many months I've wanted to tell you how impressed I am by the new design of the GBFA Gazette... In the past decade I've been a guest of many flute associations, and having read their newsletters can say that the Gazette is absolutely outstanding in all ways—especially in terms of content. The articles are varied and informative, and target different constituencies within the membership."
—Leone Buyse (GBFA co-Founder)
Houston, TX

"Nice [June 2005] Gazette...full of good stuff. However, remind me to hide my flute the next time you come to town. Funny article [Flute Farming]."
—JoAnn, no e (Adult Professional Member)
Betwixt Two Bridges

"I thought it looked great. You did a fantastic job with editing and layout."
—Phil Nyokai James (Adult Professional Member)
Chesterfield, NH

"I received the latest [February 2005] Gazette and you are to be complimented on a really nice publication. Informative and nice to look at. Thanks."
—JoAnn Loewenthal (Adult Professional Member)
Jamestown, RI

"The [February 2005] Gazette was BY FAR the best flute organization newsletter I've seen. Please send my congratulations to all those who were involved in making it happen!"
—Christina Guiliano, Verne Q. Powell Flutes (Corporate Member)
Maynard, MA

"The new Gazette is great! Thank you."
—Katharyn M. Fletcher (Student Member)
Arlington, MA

"I got my Gazette last week. It's terrific! I love all the quotes. Great job! :-)"
—Marjorie Bollinger Hogan (Adult Professional Member)
Nashua, NH

"The Gazette looks great."
—Leslie Antoniel, Operations Manager & Education Coordinator
New England String Ensemble
Wakefield, MA

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