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Greater Boston Flute Association Announces Flute Fair Success

—Celebration of World Flutes Attracts New Members from Throughout New England


Woburn, MA – Wednesday, December 15, 2004 — GBFA, a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting the greater Boston flute community, today announced that its eleventh annual Flute Fair held October 30-31, 2004 met with record attendance.


“We had nearly one hundred new members come in from six surrounding states,” said Elizabeth Watson, the organization’s president.


Celebrating flute traditions from around the world, such as Klezmer, Native American, shakuhachi, Irish and New England contra dance, GBFA members were also treated to a visit from Paul Edmund-Davies, principal flutist of the London Symphony Orchestra, who presented a highly entertaining session on “The Simple and Logical Approach to Playing Flute.” Immanuel Davis taught attendees how to realize their “Breathing Bag Potential.” 


Brazilian flutist Fernando Brandão brought his quartet, backed up some of GBFA’s budding jazz improvisers, and then wowed the audience with his own jazz flute playing. Masterclasses were conducted by Nina Barwell, Donald Zook, Melissa Mielens and Timothy Terranella. A fascinating presentation of “The Electronic Flute and Beyond” was given by Chris McKenna (of McKenna Flutes). And the duo EdgeWise was said to have “opened new vistas for electronic flute and percussion.”


A brunch was held presenting Elizabeth Rowe, the Boston Symphony’s new principal flutist, to New England’s flute community. Flute choir reading sessions and a strong turnout from music dealers, flute companies, and flute-related exhibits all contributed to what was described as “a full, fun and exciting weekend!”



Mission Statement

Greater Boston Flute Association is committed to achieving, through diverse and innovative programming, collaboration among all who have a passion for the flute. Our mission is to utilize the flute as a means of celebrating our humanity, and to present cultural and educational opportunities for flutists and other interested community members.





For more information about GBFA, please visit or write to: GBFA

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