Interdata Instruction Set
Input/Output Types


    Each instruction that the Interdata machine understands will be presented below. Where instructions may be of more than one type (e.g. RR, RX, RS), they will be grouped together. Note that some instructions are only valid on machines with appropriate options - this is especially true of the multiply/ divide and floating- point operations.

    In general, instructions will be presented by their assembler mnemonics, followed by their class and hexidecimal operation code (opcode). Notes about each instruction's operational characteristics will be presented where appropriate and any effects upon the PSW or CC bits will be discussed.

    This page describes the I/O instructions in the Interdata set. Other pages describe:

I/O Instructions

Load Halfword

    The Load Halfword instruction is used to load one sixteen bit halfword from memory into a GPR, or to move one halfword from one GPR to another.

Affected CC bits:

	C V G L
	    0 0 - Operand is zero
	    0 1 - Operand is Less than zero
	    1 0 - Operand is Greater than zero


    The LHI instruction produces a result that is the algebraic sum of the contents of GPR X2 and the value of A.

    This page described the I/O instructions in the Interdata set. Other pages describe:

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