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    The contents herein were created primarily from personal memory, with occasional reference to relevant documents in my possesion. In no instance has trade secret or licensed material been intentionally divulged.

    I have no present affiliation with any of the manufacturers or companies described here.

    These pages contain many items that are tradenames and/or trademarks of various companies. The logos of said companies are, of course, the property and trademarks of those firms.

    Concerning general trademarks, I can, off the top of my head, offer the following (non-exclusive list):

Data General Corporation:
Nova, MicroNOVA, Eclipse, Data General/One, RDOS, Desktop Generation.

Digital Equipment Corporation:
DEC, PDP, Flip-Chip, pdp11, RT-11, UNIBUS, Q-bus.

Houston Instrument Corporation:

Intergraph Corporation:
InterAct, Clipper, CLIX, Environ V.

International Business Machines Corporation:
IBM, RS/6000, Microchannel, AIX.

    I'm quite sure there are others that I've missed. When one is speaking of computers, trademarks are impossible to avoid.

    Unless otherwise credited, all photographs herein are originals taken by myself and scanned/processed by Carbon & Silicon Alliance.

    The use of QBullets here is by permission of Michael Herrick/Matterform Media .

    The "Lynx Friendly" logo was taken from a page by Brandi Weed , the image of which was executed by Jordan Greywolf based on a character by Conrad Wong.

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