Data General Corporation
Desktop Generation Systems


[JPEG image of Desktop Generation system]

    Brought forward by Data General in the mid 1980s, the Desktop Generation systems are based on the microECLIPSE chipset and span the range from small single- user systems to desktop multi- user minicomputers.

    The entry- level systems, the Model 10 and Model 10/SP, are single- user machines that run RDOS, AOS (on the 10/SP), and are capable of running either MS-DOS or CP/M on an ancillary 8086 processor that's built onto the first CPU board. These systems also have framebuffers that allow graphic displays on a directly- connected dedicated console terminal; both colour and monochrome framebuffers were available for the Model 10.

    The more capable Model 20 and Model 30 systems run DG/RDOS and 16-bit AOS and are controlled by terminals attached via RS-232 lines. These systems lack the ancillary 8086 chip and, hence, cannot run MS-DOS nor CP/M. This is made up for, however, by larger mainstores and more capable operating systems, especially AOS which is a full- featured multi- user operating system that runs on 16-bit DG Eclipse iron.

    16-bit AOS should not be confused with AOS-VS which runs on the Data General MV series of machines and is a full- blown 32-bit platform.

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