Digital Equipment Corporation
pdp-11/03 CPU Board

[JPEG image of 11/03 CPU board]

    The pdp-11/03 machine, which I have two of as board sets, is the second generation of LSI-11 machine from DEC, the first being the venerable LSI-11.

    Technically, this CPU is classed as an LSI-11/2. I occasionally swap the pdp-11/23 cpu for one of the 11/03s just to see if they're still operable.

    The memory boards are both MSV-11s and contain the full 56 kw capacity of the -11 architecture. Memory management was not offered on the 11/03.

    Although an EIS (Extended Instruction Set) was an option from DEC on these machines, neither set is configured with it. That's what the leftmost socket's for.

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