Data General Corporation
Paper Tape Reader

[JPEG image of Reader]

    This is the paper tape reader that Data General offered as an optional peripheral on its Nova minicomputer line through the 1970s.

    It's an optical reader with a single high intensity incandescent light source and nine photoreceptors, one for each of the eight data channels and one for the sprocket holes (the sprocket channel serves as a strobe). It uses a friction capstan/pinch roller assembly to move the tape and an electromechanical brake to stop it.

    Basic reading speed of this device was on the order of a few hundred characters, or frames, per second. Control of the device was accomplished by populating pre-wired spaces on the Nova Basic I/O Board.

    This device is currently installed in the Nova 840 system, although both the 1200 and 1210 have the required logic to handle the peripheral.

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