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    My primary collecting focus is sixteen- bit systems of Data General Corporation manufacture; hence, any DG 16- bitter interests me intensely. It's my desire to collect at least one example of each one that DG built from the original NOVA to the Eclipse M-600 (the last of the breed), preferably in either operational or restorable condition. If you have of one of these machines, and are seeking to divest yourself of it, or know someone who is, I'd like to hear from you!

    At the moment, I'm especially looking for these machines:

   I am also seeking a Digital KI-10 or KA-10 and a small Data General MV- series 32-bit machine.

    As a matter of secondary interest are machines that are notable for antiquity (small machines built in the early '60s interest me greatly) and other minicomputers in general. I'm not so interested in Digital PDP-11s as there are more than enough of these in private hands to ensure their survival; however, other members of the PDP lineage are worthy of consideration, especially any of the 18-bit machines.

    Since this is a hobby of mine, about the best I can do is attempt to beat "scrap" price, and/ or arrange for de- installation and removal of old systems. Since I endeavour to maintain operational machines, the operating software for any systems I acquire is always welcome, as is systems and maintenance documentation (especially logic prints!).

    On the topic of "scrappers", one must bear in mind that systems I acquire will be preserved, and, where possible, restored and operated in their intended manner. Machines which have served their masters well for many years deserve a better fate than to be shredded for the recovery of a few pennies' worth of "precious" metal. Remember, the machine about to go to scrap might be the last one in existance!

    Please note that if I am offered a machine which I'm not personally interested in, I am more than happy to assist the owner to find a proper "home" for it.

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