Carl R. Friend


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- Objective -


   To contribute to the success of an enterprise by utilizing my third-of-a-century of experience in the integration and management of heterogeneous network and operating systems environments; to provide that enterprise with stable, fault-free systems and networking environments; to function as a trusted authority on virtually all protocols in common use on interconnected networks.



- Technical Summary -


 Operating Systems:   Linux (Red Hat, CentOS), UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris, ULTRIX), Windows XP/7/8, VMS


 Computing Languages: C, UNIX shell scripting (ksh, bash), Perl, Python


 Database Technology: MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, SQL as a language


 Storage Technology:  NetApp Filers, EMC CLARiiON, Veritas Volume Manager, ZFS, Solaris Volume Manager, Linux LVM



- Professional Experience -


 2001 - 2013:   The MathWorks, Inc., Natick, MA

                         Senior UNIX Systems Administrator


·         Architected and implemented a "NOC-on-a-shoestring" providing a world-wide view of over 1,200 systems and 15,000 pieces of performance data using Nagios and Icinga; conducted mathematically-rigourous reviews of notification parameters to eliminate false-positive critical alerts

·         Managed over 100 terabytes of network-attached and SAN storage; provided accurate forecasts for expansion and growth of same

·         Designed and maintained systems monitoring and performance analysis tools using custom-written, open-source, and commercial programs and scripts

·         Performed builds and maintenance of open-source software tools (e.g. GCC)

·         Assisted in the specification and implementation of a Storage Area Network - a first for The MathWorks

·         Deployed and managed DHCP servers worldwide, with redundant configurations

·         Managed global DNS (ISC BIND), internal and external, with over 250 domains; developed automated tools to assist in this task

·         Leveraged Solaris zones (containers) to provide services in a more cost-effective manner than using individual systems

·         Deployed and managed Apache and MySQL/PostgreSQL services for internal use

·         Assisted DBAs in building out high-availability replicated MySQL instances using Continuent's Tungsten software

·         Deployed and managed Veritas VCS enviroments with multi-year 100% uptime

·         Maintained better than 99.99% reliability and uptime of critical systems

·         Mentored junior administrators


 1999 - 2001:   PlanetCAD, Inc., formerly Prescient Technologies, Inc., Westborough, MA

                         Senior UNIX Systems Administrator


·         Achieved better than 99.99% systems availability while managing a complex tightly-integrated suite of heterogeneous UNIX and NT systems in an enterprise TCP/IP network

·         Lead architect and implementer of highly stable Intra- and Extra- net environments

·         Planned and executed a 40-mile move of the computing environment with no unscheduled downtime

·         Managed and supported reliable e-mail, DNS, NIS, NTP, NFS, and web services

·         Designed and instituted security policies for Internet connectivity

·         Successfully defended Internet-exposed machines from intrusion

·         Developed technical strategies for the Corporation

·         Designed and deployed VPN technology and policies for remote offices

·         Managed vendor relationships

·         Mentored junior administrators


 1989 - 1999:   Stone & Webster Engineering Corp., Boston, MA

                         Senior Systems Programmer/Analyst


·         "Internet Architect" and primary UNIX "guru" for the Corporation

·         Engineered, implemented, and administered a robust Internet connection for over 2,000 users

·         Managed firewall configurations and security policies

·         Supported Sendmail, POP, NTP, NNTP, LDAP, and other vital services

·         Designed and remotely implemented dependable Internet services for our Taiwan office

·         Participated in the design of the Corporation's wide-area network

·         Advised on network issues and provided problem resolutions for multiple domestic and international sites

·         Developed implementation and upgrade plans



 1983 - 1989:   Intergraph Corporation, Westborough, MA branch

                         Senior Customer Support Specialist


·         Supported VAX, PDP-11, and UNIX hardware and software in a field service environment

·         Provided systems management and programming consulting to clients

·         Provided technical support and training to clients and local staff

·         Maintained and repaired client CADD equipment


 1980 - 1983:   ADP Network Services, Waltham, MA Data Center

                          Senior Hardware Systems Engineer


·         Maintained and repaired mainframe (PDP-10s) and minicomputers (PDP-11s) utilized for world-wide timesharing

·         Provided technical and software support



- Volunteer Efforts -


 1997 - Present:  Retro-Computing Society of Rhode Island, Inc., Providence, RI

                           Director and Secretary


·         Serve as Director and Secretary for a non-profit computer preservation and education concern

·         Maintain corporate records and meeting minutes

·         Define and implement corporate policies.

·         Research, restore, and maintain computing "antiques" in operable condition

·         Participate in educational symposia related to RCS/RI's mission

·         Assist in research efforts on historic hardware for academic and private parties


 2013 - Present:  Member of the Icinga Development Team


·         Primary foci in Solaris packaging and portability/compatibility

·         General bug-squashing


 1998 - 2006:  Ocean State Free-Net, Providence, RI

                       UNIX Systems Administration Consultant


·         Supported Sendmail/SMTP, security, SNMP, HTTP, and mail-list services

·         Custom-designed and implemented a Linux-based firewall for OSFN's computing center; provided ongoing support for same

·         Provided security consultation and support/design services

·         Administered OSFN's production and development networks

·         Provided strategic and tactical advice for other technical facets of OSFN's operations

·         Engineered and executed two moves of OSFN's server facility with no unscheduled downtime