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Just got back from a week at Punta Cana. First trip to DR, but was amazed at the friendliness of the locals. If you are in that area and are looking for professional women, there is a club called Pachee Pachee... spelling may be off but is pronounced that way....
gorgeous girls and rates are very good....


Okay details.... went to Club Med and hooked up with a couple of the locals working there... we did a run to one of the casinos at another resort and then I motivated us to what they were calling a strip club... actually a glorified whorehouse... there were about a dozen women over half were 8s and 9s... late teens early 20s... for 500 pesos you go to the rooms set up in the back for an hour or two... apart from the humidity.. no AC... the sessions were hot... these girls worked hard for their money and enjoyed themselves... afterwards back outside for a couple of Presidentes and another round in the back... visited this place three times during my visit...


Just got back from a week in Punta Cana. Mostly resorts but there is action to be found. Club call La Punta is the place to go.
Hot looking Dominican women. Age range 18-25 a few older.
I rate them 7 or higher. The down side is the price is locked in with the club owner, $100.00 U.S. dollars get's you one of these hottie's for the night. For $20.00 more you can take the girl back to your hotel (if they allow it). Otherwise, they have private rooms behind the club. Another club to try is Pache Pache.
Same deal as La Punta, but the girls are not as friendly or attractive. About an hour away, there is a town call Higuey.
Well worth the trip.
Maranque Plaza(not sure of the spelling),
has a wide range of girls. Here $30.00 U.S. dollars will get you one of these ladies for an hour at a local motel ($20.00), 1 block away. Other clubs in the area have the same type deals.
If you want to hang with the locals, Club Mango back in the Punta Cana area is the place to go.
Lot's of local women. Some willing to give it up for free.

What's up guys,

If you are going to be staying in Punta Cana area, and you want some action, you might want to take a cab to Higuey, which is pretty close by to Punta Cana.

Here in Higuey you are going to find a lot of girls coming from
Santiago, Puerto Plata, Sosua and all those places to work where know one knows them. Here in Higuey, sex is ways cheaper than Puerto Plata, Ssantiago and Sosua. I'm talking about $50 dollar all nighter with girls that range 7 to 10 in beauty.

Let me name you a few places:

1. Merengue Bar
2. El Noa Noa night club
La Cumbre night club
4. Le Petit Chauto night club

Any taxi driver can take you there.

Let me give you guys some advice: With the taxis, never paid them more than 100 pesos for less than 10 minute, and 100 pesos is $2 dollars and fifty cents.

Good luck guys

Close to the airport on the road from Punta Cana to Higuey is a hotel-restaurant named Parador. Here you can find a decent room for $15 a night. I only would recommend it if you arrive late at night. Otherwise I would advise to go directly to Higuey. Here you find some hotels for $15 or lower and it is a nice town to spend some time. The airport is right away on the road between Punta Cana and Higuey. There are constantly busses (guasguas) driving on this road. Just stand by the road and wave one and you'll get for $1 into Higuey


Punta Cana is cool. You can find ass anywhere in the DR....just some places are easier than others. I was there my last trip to DR.

I stayed at Cayacoa-Bavaro 809-552-0622. It's chica friendly. Nice hotel for the DR. It has hot water, pool and A/C in the heart of
Punta Cana. But no safe. Price was $35 a night.

You can find plenty pro's at La Punta. It's like the other stip club type of clubs in the DR. You can drink, fuck, or watch girls dance on
stage. I didn't have my camera the times I went so I didn't get any pics of the girls. I do have a picture of a non-pro I fucked. You can find her posted in my sections on here. Or www.bigtrick.net (this will be a monger photo album but I'm not quit finished and haven't released to the public yet but everyone is welcome to start uploading photos.