Thursday, August 24, 2000 - FOTH

We had an OGL match with DBL Tuesday and in our typical fashion it was a hard fought battle. They won the Japan level 5 to 2 and played a really good game, checkout the SS page for the details. GG guys and I am sure that we will meet again :).

I have also updated Sux member info so check it out on the members page. Are those real?!?!? :)


Thursday, August 10, 2000 - FOTH

We played a match against {FE} this week, check out the SS page for the scoop. We did something in this match that we never do and that was go all out, regardless of score, a full 30 minutes. Typically we would fall back and defend after it got out of hand. However this was done for a specific reason and I will not go into the details. If any of you {FE} folks would like enlightenment, then you can get in touch with Cygor.


Thursday, August 3, 2000 - FOTH

We have joined another instagib ctf ladder over at PG. They definitely have their stuff together and are doing some really cool stuff with post match write-ups. Their format is best of 3, 20 minutes per map. On the surface this seemed to be a lot of playing but I think most of us like this format better than OGL's one map format. We decided to challenge every clan on our way to the top, rather than just challenge the highest team available.

We had a couple of matches this week. The first was with UsMc on the OGL ladder. During the first OGL match we were in the zone, making rail shots and escorts that were incredible. At one point Frog made a cross map, flag carrier, kill shot for a return. EVERYONE seemed to be IN the game and the score showed IT. The second match was with RR, which is UsMc under a different name, on PG. During the second match many things went wrong but suffice it to say RR played a good game. You can check the results on the SS page. The UsMc guys are great bunch of guys and will offer top notch play on the instagib scene, GGs UsMc.

Our new member, IT.SuxDontIt, got some PT in the second match with RR and did a great job. He played defense and offense and was solid in both. Unfortunately we were on the losing side in his debut but great job and welcome to clan match play.

After the OGL and PG matches we are demo rich so get'em off the ftp site. Watch them with a critical eye and post on the BB your opinions for areas of improvement. Remember that nothing or no one is off limits in your critique, there is always something to improve on.

Cygor, is still working on his instagib ctf map and I for one can't wait to see it. After playing the Demonic Soccer maps that he put together I am sure that it will be a rail gibfest.

Sponsorship? Yeah that's what the background noise is that you are hearing. More to come on this I am sure.

I forgot to mention that we were messaged by Apathy at OGL about reviewing new maps to be included in the instagib ctf ladder. That was a around the first of July and obviously we gave them our 2 cents.

Rocket Arena is out and highly addictive, enough said. Hmmmmm, I wonder how long it will take them to release Hook Arena.

Alliance is out with version 1.1 and has been getting a lot of play lately. I have noticed a lot of the old LMctf folks on Interstat so go check it out.

Tip of the week: Ah grasshoppa; can you defeat your opponent, without defeating yourself first?


Tuesday, July 26, 2000 - FOTH

We are back on top of the instagib ctf OGL ladder. We beat DBL last night for the top slot again in a close, hard fought, match. We were down 3 to 0 and came back to win 6 to 5. All did a super job, communication was good which probably gives us a cap or 2 edge on a lot of clans. I have to mention one thing though...... Tiny at a very crucial point in the match took control on O and fought his way to 2 caps. It was a display of DM skills that gave my goose bumps to watch, especially since he is in our clan. I raise my mug of ale to all, SALUTE. And I share 2 of my wenches with Tiny to serve you as you please, temporarily of course :). Check out the SS of the match and of our #1 position here.

Breaking a long standing, unspoken rule, we have accepted a new member. ITsuxdontIT, better known on the pubs as Ms. Bitch. Besides the fact he will rail your arse he seems to be a good fit with our group. We look forward to your long Clan IT membership. IT has a long tradition of being a top clan in Q2 and now Q3A, enjoy the respect. We welcome him with the customary ale, wenches and merriment. Oh send me your member info and I'll add you to the page. Also be thinking about a position that you want to focus on, middle / flag recovery would fit your skills :).

There is also an outside chance that we maybe looking at another new recruit. Cygor has brought us another name and I have played with him before and he too can rail like a madman. It is still early to say much more. If we do add another member then we would have a total of 8 active members and would not be looking to add any more.

We had a scrim against RTM Monday and split a couple of maps. We have very close connections with them and it was a scrim that took on match proportions, braggin rights at stake and all. The first map was Japan and we won handily, the second was Courtyard and it was very close with them capping on us 2 times at the end. GG RTM and welcome to the instagib ctf OGL ladder.

King has the ftp site up and running 24 / 7 so check it out for all your demo, SS and Q3 needs. Also if you run into anything that you can upload that might be useful for us, do so and post on the BB so that we can all check it out.

Tiny has registered our name clanit, and we are working on getting this setup so that it is our web addy. Our own house finally, aaahhhh the smell of new fresh paint. More to come.

We are also looking to join a couple of other Instagib ctf ladders and maybe a Rocket Area ladder. More to come on this I am sure.

Tip of the month: If your gonna day trade, bottom feed, do your homework. This is one tip that comes from experience. :(


Friday, July 7, 2000 - FOTH

I have been waiting a LONG time for this update; personally through Q1, Q2 and now Q3A, about 3 1/2 years. Lay down the weapons and bring out the wenches, ale and minstrels cause we're #1 on the OGL Instagib CTF ladder. We beat Hustler for the top slot last night and it is sweet. Check out the ss page for the details. Now on to the defense of our position. I could go on and on but I think what Cygor posted sums it up check it out, here. And for those of you, like me, that can't get enough here is another look.


Friday, June 23, 2000 - FOTH

Just in case you had doubts as to how bad we really are Cygor found independent verification. I took this ss to preserve the Kodak moment. And if you need a little more then check this one from the week before. Of particular interest is the number 10, 11 and 15 slots. Great job guys keep it up.

We have had a lot of matches during the past few weeks and again just played Asian Express for the top slot. We lost to them again in a though match. We were ahead for around 2/3rds of the match and they recovered and won. Good game AE. Check out the SS page for all of the details.

Tip of the Month; Berringer White Zinfandel. This is a relatively inexpensive bottle of wine that will please the wife / girlfriend and let you order something rather than that old bitter house wine.


Tuesday, May 16, 2000 - FOTH

Time for another update with all of the action that has been happening. We are in the OGL open instagib ctf ladder and are kick'n some serious ASS. We are currently number 3 and are definitely getting the chemistry together. King is working on ADSL connection that will support a Q3A server for us. And I am up for ADSL in the next couple of months so we may be server rich very soon. To let you guys know I have also updated the Member's page.

Recent matches: We played, WM, Wicked Mojo in an OGL instagib ctf match last weekend and won in a large way. Tiny took the opening cap and Vid never looked back. Frog and I spectated and it was nice to see an old fashion spanking going on. Not to take anything away for the WM folks. I don't know if Bruce Lee and Cuda are playing instagib ctf but it might have been closer if they were. Oh and for those that don't know Wicked Mojo is an old Q1 Thunder Walker clan that is making the transition to Q3A. Vid and I have played against them several times when we were in [DL], a Q1 clan. They are all a great bunch of guys and we wish them well in Q3A. Check out the SS.

We played [FOS] and won. There is not a screen shot but the final score was 8 caps to 3. There was another scrim / match that we have played that I need to mention and that was against {DF} and of course we won; screen shots are available. Good Games to all.

The most recent match was against Asian Express in OGL instagib ctf for the top slot. We lost a match that was closer than the score looks. We had a lot of things not going for us; I crashed in the middle of he match and Vid had to step in, Tiny was needing sleep, Cygor's ping. Just a whole host of things...... But they won and we lost a hard fought match. I think we are all looking forward to a chance to redeem ourselves.

Quakecon registration opened on the 5th of May and I am in. This year it is going to be in Dallas August 3rd - 6th and the limit is a whopping 2900 players with a 512 person tourney. Sounds like a good time waiting to happen.

Alliance is out and in it's second release. The grapple speed is up and you can yank and bank again like in LM. Still no damage or Shield artifacts but all in all worth playing around on.

There is a new version, Beta 2.0, out on Soccer so go grab it and check out the new maps. Of course our boss man, Cygor, and Graf are helping and it looks sweet. I can hardly wait for the World Cup.

Tip of the month; Boomslang 2000 made by Razor. Yes sir I got one of these babies last week and it's sweet. It is very sensitive, more so than than Logitech with Mouseware installed and jacked up. WHAT??? You say $99 is too much for a mouse? Well you maybe right but you do have a lot of control over it's 4 buttons and wheel. I think I have even improved my railing accuracy some. Look out Tiny I've got you in my sights. :) And Everglide is having a $10.00 off sale or thier mousing surfaces. So if you need a new 1 or are ready to try it out then spend that money.


Monday, February 28, 2000 - FOTH

WOW it's been a long time since the last update, so from the comfort of my 33,000 foot MD80 cabin, here goes.

Been all kinds of stuff going on; Tiny's back and so is Frozen Frog although the Frog is reincarnated from his previous Q2 life. We welcome both back with open arms and the customary winches and drink. We have also had a few name changes; Vidar is now Vid and Suicide King is now KinGoPain. Actually I have been thinking about changing my name....... MiniMe. This all part of our new look for the QA3 effort, and to be sure we are ready for whatever mod makes it on the scene.

Well I don't like to throw out the baby with the bathwater but Q2 LMCTF is looking slow at minimum. Went out to play some this weekend and did not see any familiar faces, even on Erebus. Maybe the smurff is on but I did not find a lot of active servers either.... Played on a server in Finland for a while, very laggy, and was welcomed by several folks that saw the IT in my name. Was kinda nice to be a celeberity even though I am not, :).

Looks like the release of Alliance is coming soon, maybe in the next day or so. Man even though I am out of town alot I can't wait for that off hand grapple thingy.

Sunday, October 2, 1999 - FOTH

GREAT news Graf is back in [IT] !!!!!!! Once before he was in Clan [IT] and now he has returned. He is welcomed with open breaches, wenches with Ale and celebrations befitting a warrior returned. Graf send me your members stuff and I'll fix you up on the members page. Oh and we also need to get you on the OGL and RAG lineups.

Well Vidar and I crushed the Nutz, heymoe, guys in our OGL 2 on 2, 11 caps to 3. Even though it did not count, because of the OGL crash, it felt good to win in a big way. :)

We have had a couple of RAG matches since the last update and the results were not good, go check out the SS page if you dare.

We now have our own IRC channel thanks to Graf; / channel #Clan_IT so drop by and see who's around. I am looking into some Java that would let us connect to IRC from the web page, more on that later. Also there is talk about using IRC rather than ICQ for pregame strategy stuff, so post in Forums to let Cygor know what you think.

Cygor has also setup an Instagib Server, check out the Servers page for details from Q2plug. And I have added us to the OGL Instagib ladder so If you have not signed up then PLZ do so .

We also have another new LM server Netdirect LMCTF, well we have rcon anyway, it's in Indy and is sweetness to an extreme. No wonder it is so sweet though It is on dual T3s and is only running a LM and a Q3 server under NT, THAT"S IT. I have also added the Indy server to the servers page. A BIG slap on the back goes to King for getting it going. Just goes to show that if you never ask you may never know.

Downloaded Unreal Tourney and I hate to say it but..... well it's nice, very nice. Liked the net play, menu feel, advanced options, most everything. It's not Q3, but I liked it for a FPS. Check it out if you'd like at the Unreal Tournament site. Be warned it's big, 50meg.

Tip of the month Everglide, go check it out, you'll be glad you did. On a more personal note; Drew my oldest son 8 fragged his first Unreal bot today, way to go son. Wait a second I had all of the gore turned down so don't report me or anything. :)

Friday, September 17, 1999 - FOTH

Well since the last update we have played PCH in Rag 2 and MD in our OGL match and lost both. For whatever reason we are 5 really good players that have yet to find the chemistry that will help us raise our play to the next level. Vidar and I have a OGL 2 on 2 match tonight, against a couple of Heymoe folks, and well SOMEBODY's gone pay. Onward........ I found something on the old Clan Odin link that was kinda interesting, it's a V.90 modem page link but had a cut out of a interview with Zoid, go check it out and learn. Also if you guys want to check out CO's old pages here are the links Q1 and Q2. Kinda old but there is some neat links. Oh if you think I need to change something on the page here let me know and I'll check it out.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999 - FOTH

Yup it's me and I am the new guy for page updates, so send me SS or Demos that we need to add. Actually any other information that you can think of and I'll post it. Page stuff; I have updated the members, SS, news and added a server page, go check them out and let me know of any errors that you find. The server link is just above, click it to get current server status. Oh I'll remove the link when we get a button for the menu complete. I am also looking into a stats page so that we can keep up with server stats, I'll get in touch with Smiley today about that.

Well here are some of the updates so hold on.... Suckmonkey has left [IT] and Bishop22 has become Inactive both will be sorely missed. We have added some new members; Headfake, VIDAR and yours truly and there are also a couple of potential peeps talking to us about a tryout. We are in the Rag 2 and played our first match against Wolf in the 1st round and we lost the match :(. Our next Rag 2 opponent is PCH which is PTH team 2. We have also moved into 8th position on OGL open ladder. We defended the 8th position with a win against OF and are slated to play MD Thursday, for 4th position. I attended the eeg LAN in Chicago and had a blast. A lot of good LMers and celebes were there Orion, Swamp, Ares, Cygor, a couple of the OF guys and Batstone to name just a few. Tons more stuff but had better not write a novel the first day on the job. :)
Friday, April 2, 1999 - New Site Is Here!
Well, this is it... the new site.  I hope everyone likes it.  BTFiend busted his ass to get it up and going. And I can't thank him enough! He's been working like a madman on this thing.. and it was even cutting into his porn time! Thanks a TON BTFiend... you Da Man!  More changes to come soon.
March 24, 1999 - Big Changes
Well, we've had some big announcements lately.  One of our original members, batstone, has decided he needs a hiatus from the clan.  He will be missed because he had one of the biggest cocks around.  Another member, Mordred, has decided to join Clan Saint.   We wish him good luck and will miss him since he was an excellent player.  We are now on the lookout for some good lpb's.  Anyone interested, email me or Cygor. 

How about some good news.  Speaking of Clan Saint, we played them in Ascension on Monday and came away with a 8-5 victory.  We also had a victory over Clan HAWK in OGL last week.   Congrats to all the players involved.   Upcoming scrim with BH this week and next ascension match is against OS.

March 16, 1999 - Web Site Progressing
I've added a few things.  Will soon be adding a calendar.  We have been doing well lately in our matches and hopefully we can keep it up.  Have a OGL match Wednesday with Clan HAWK and a scrim Thursday with Doom Troopers (yikes).  I haven't heard any objections from Cygor yet, so I will continue to add goofy shit to this page until he tells me that I've lost my mind..  P.S.   New episode of Buffy on tonight.
March 11, 1999 - New Webmaster
That's right, folks.   Suckmonkey is taking over the webmaster duties from batstone.  Bat is too busy with other things (masturbation) to update website on a regular basis.  I will try to update as is needed.  Please will someone send me screenshots of matches, since my computer crashes when I try to take one, and demos, so I can post them here.  If anyone has any relevant news, please send it to me for posting.