Less Classic Menu

by David A. Moon
February 2021

Less Classic Menu is inspired by Classic Menu by Gideon Greenspan, which stopped working in newer versions of MacOS where Apple removed most of the Carbon API.

Less Classic Menu provides a customizable menu of favorite applications, documents, or folders that is always present in the menu bar. To customize the menu, just place aliases to your favorites in the Classic Menu Items folder. The folder is always the last item in the menu.

The menu resides in the status bar area, rather than overlying the official apple menu, because Apple makes that a lot easier to do.

Less Classic Menu works in MacOS 10.12 and above. Put it in your Login Items in System Preferences > Users & Groups with the Hide flag.


Source can be downloaded from this source archive.

The universal app can be downloaded from this application. Extract and it into the Utilities subfolder of your Applications folder. This will not work in some versions of MacOS because it is not signed; I do not have an Apple developer license. You may have to rebuild the application yourself with XCode.

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