Moon's Mark Down

by David A. Moon
December 2016

Last updated 3/18/2019.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to MMD
1.1 Types of Lines
1.1.1 Directive Lines
1.1.2 List Lines
1.1.3 Table Lines
2. Flag Characters
3. Directives
3.1 Table of Contents Directives
3.2 HTML Directives
3.3 Cross-Reference Directives
3.3.1 Implicit Anchor
3.4 Comment Directive
3.5 Code Directive
3.6 Sequence Diagrams
3.6.1 Sequence Diagram Syntax
3.6.2 Participant
3.6.3 Event
3.6.4 Setting
4. Character Translation
4.1 Unicode Characters
5. Source Code

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