2018 Application


You may fill out online, then print to mail in.

Name     Instrument(s)
City State   Zip 
Phone (h)

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Emergency contact

  Attending with a pre-formed group (partial or complete). List others and their instruments:

If a violinist, are you content playing: 1st 2nd either, depending upon the piece?

If you play both violin and viola, would you play either one in your groups? yes no

Cellists: Are you interested in standard repertoire only cello ensembles either
If you checked standard repertoire only and we cannot place you, would you accept placement in cello ensembles as an alternative? yes no

Self-Rating for Ensemble Placement I consider myself:  
Beginner Advanced beginner Intermediate Moderately advanced Advanced  

On the back or on a separate sheet, please tell us anything you would like about your musical background which would aid us in ensemble placement such as years studied, most difficult repertoire played (chamber, solo or etude), performance background, other chamber music experience. Include any special repertoire requests you may have and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Will you be staying on campus or commuting?
Attending with spouse/guest.  Guest name
Fees (check all that apply):
Tuition, room and all meals: $1080
Spouse/guest room and meals: $490
Request bed linens and towels: $40
Tuition for commuters (includes lunch and dinner): $750
Request breakfasts for commuters: $45
Discount if paid in full by April 23 (participants only): subtract $50

The application deadline is extended until June 19. The balance is due by then in order to receive assignments. Please make checks payable to the “ASTA NJ Summer String-In”  and send to:

  David Bakamjian, Director
Summer String-In
158-18 Riverside Drive West, Apt 6L
New York, NY 10032