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2004 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective Compilation DVD

... an unprecedented emergence in Hungarian Cinema ...

Eklektika Dance School, 17 min.

Mariá Takács, Director. Documentary

One of the centers of Budapest LGBT life is the Eklektika Dance School. Together with its atmospheric café it is a cherished community space. The owner and the dancers, including international medalists, tell us stories of their adventures and how being part of the queer ballroom dancing community has strengthened their identities.

Merciless Woman With A Battle-Dog, 14 min.

Magdi Timar, Director. Experimental Narrative.

The last 14 minutes of a relationship in an experimental video triptypch.

Mustn't, 3 min.

Eszter Muszter, Director. Music Video

Original music video that deals a blow to modern day macho sexism in Hungary and takes the viewer soaring through the skies.


Puszta Cowboy, 9 min.

Katrin Kremmler, Director. Narrative .

The first Lesbian/Transgender Paprika Western, complete with horse, gunfights, goulash, and traditional Hungarian dancing.

2005 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective


"... there was this little village, and around 1981 or '82, these two young women moved here. They began to make ceramics. They moved into this small house behind this one, and lived very happily. Nobody knew what still nobody knows about them. And they didn't know such people who'd be characterized by what no one knows about them..."

Pilgrimage To The Land Of The Goat Rouge, 35 min.

Mariá Takács, Director. Documentary.

The story of a few maverick women's pioneering effort to create a Lesbian village in Hungary.

This grounbreaking video is the first of it’s kind -- beginning the documentation of Hungarian Lesbian Herstory.


and newly released from the

2007 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective


... the spirit of revolt is not dead yet ...

Bandage, Socks & Facial Hair, (a fásli, a zokai és a ször) 34 min.

a film by Dorottya Dudás, Eszter Kocsis, Nóra Horváth, Mária Takács. Documentary.

The most daring get bandage, socks and facial hair. A group of female revolutionaries depolarize the male-female order of the Empire for a day. They strike back as dragkings.

A group of Central Eastern-European women
turn the world upside down for a day as they become men.

2004 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective Compilation DVD
$35 Institutions/Org.s; $15 Individuals

2005 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective - Pilgrimage To The Land Of The Goat Rouge
$25 Institutions/Org.s; $10 Individuals


2007 Budapest Lesbian Film Collective - Pilgrimage To The Land Of The Goat Rouge
$35 Institutions/Org.s; $15 Individuals

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About the Budapest Lesbian Film Collective

In Hungary, Lesbians are still culturally invisible.
The occasional images of Lesbians in mainstream media are mostly negative, sexist and offensive.
Positive images of Lesbians and Lesbian lifestyle don't exist.
This is why in 2000 we founded the Budapest Lesbian Film Collective,
a group of independent Lesbian filmmakers in Budapest making Lesbian low-budget movies.