Broyles/Briles Database

by Steve Broyles (John, Jacob, Michael, Aaron, Aaron, Jeremiah, Walter, Morris)

20 July 1996

Please read this page carefully. It contains important information about the data you'll be looking at!

About My Database

The database contains records on about 6800 individuals in the Broyles/Briles family. It was created primarily from information in John Kenneth "Ken" Broyles's Broyles Family Ties and Broyles Family Newsletter, which in turn are based on A.L. Keith's "Broyles Family" typescript and Ken's own correspondence. I augmented this by A.L. Keith's articles in the William and Mary Quarterly, Max Briles's work, my own fairly substantial census and county record research, and my own correspondence. I also verified Cerny and Zimmerman's work in the German records and corrected and extended their information, the results of which are included here. This set of data is about 25 years in the making and there are many times I think it's about 3% done!

(Technical details: My database is a custom dBase application that links together individuals, marriages, census records, and notes. I wrote a converter to dump out much of the information into GEDCOM format, and then used Gene Stark's GED2HTML converter with a custom INDIV.TPL file.)

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Completeness and Consistency (or lack thereof!)

The first four generations are fairly complete, but I've only gotten about halfway through a cleanup pass that was intended to document how children were assigned to families and to formalize my sources. As such, you'll see inconsistencies in the presentation of information.

My notes on each individual are only shown for members of the first four generations. I have notes for many in the fifth, but they haven't been moved into the database and consequently can't be converted to HTML.

Known Inaccuracies, Shortcuts, and (shudder!) Errors

I took some shortcuts. This was OK when it was my private database, but if you're not careful you may misunderstand what you're looking at!

Unknown Inaccuracies and (yikes!) Errors

I copied much of this information from a book whose author typed it up from another book that is a typewritten copy of a typed manuscript of data that was taken from correspondence relating to records that were hand copied by someone else from a nearly illegible handwritten county record book or family Bible of some sort. OK?

References to actual county record books (marriage licenses, deed books, etc.) with book and page number are likely to be correct.

Since Dr. Keith is the source for much of the early family, I should note that he was a very talented and careful researcher whose work has held up impressively well through the years, but even he made mistakes, so Caveat Emptor!

Explanation of Terms

About the Census Records

I've passed many a fine day scanning microfilms looking for various members of the family. Census films are great for the soul, so I encourage you to go down to your local library and take them out on Interlibrary Loan. You'll find it immensely satisfying to see your ancestor's census entries, and you'll also probably find more information than I've summarized in the tables here.

Coverage of all Broyles/Briles families through 1860 is believed to be pretty thorough. There are a good number of census records for 1870 and later.

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