The Devniad
And Other Dementias


Welcome to the personal obsessions of Robert E. Devney.

My Subjects.

At least for purposes of discussion here, these would include books (especially of or on science fiction, fantasy, language, crime, history, and science) and movies. That's it. If I develop any new obsessions, you'll be the first to know.

So this site contains a lot of movie reviews, some book discussions, and other general natter. Moviegoers take special note: I see more than one movie a week and review them all, suffering bastard that I am. Right now, all the reviews are published in The Devniad. Later, I might index them for you separately if you beg me cruelly enough.

My Writings.

Anyway, taking up a huge chunk of this space are past and current issues of what's turning into my lifework, The Devniad.

The Devniad is my fairly monthly personal fanzine featuring from 6 to say 16 pages of essays, reviews, and embarrassing personal revelations. See each month's Preview for an idea of what's inside each ish.

Another smaller chunk of space here is my collected articles for The Proper Boskonian, the quasi-quarterly clubzine of The New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA).

I also do extensive writings for other fanzines. Well, OK, so far just one article for SFRevu on Honor Harrington. But if this Web page makes me famous, maybe other fan editors will call with assignments I'll be too busy to take on.
The Big-Head Todd Photo

My Face.

That's it on the left. Either that or some hideous out-take from a promotional photo shoot for Big-Head Todd and the Monsters.

My Wife.

My beloved Queen Maureen despises SF, fanzines, and personal Web pages, feeling that when it comes to demon bitch-goddesses in a guy's life, "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!"

My Siblings.

I'm still quite close to my brother Michael and sisters Liz and Darcy. You develop such touchingly tight bonds of intimacy and caring when raised by wolves.

My Home.

Queen Maureen and I squat squalidly (ever notice how many words beginning with "sq" are really unattractive? no? then sqru you) in a tiny book-crammed hovel in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, near the Rhode Island line. Before I moved to town, there were no bookstores and two movie screens. Now, there are three bookstores and twenty-four movie screens. Any day now I expect to be named Consumer of the Year by a grateful business community.

My Job.

For my day job (and my sins), I'm working as the copywriter for a small technology-oriented advertising agency outside Boston until my true lineage is revealed and I take my rightful place as Emperor of the Twenty Universes.

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What's new lately: Nothing. How about with you?

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