Something interesting happened last Friday while driving home from a
5-day "Object Oriented Software Engineering" training course in
Redwood City, CA. I was stuck on the San Mateo bridge (big surprise),
cursing traffic, when I popped out the B52s cassette I had been listening
to and started to scan the AM dial for one of those "traffic report every
five minutes" stations (how many hours would it take to go just 30 miles
this time??). I momentarily picked up a very strange station;
it was hard to make out through the static, but I *think* I heard...

" K-O-B-J, All Music Objects, All The Time!!  Now let's reach *way* back
  into our class library and instantiate an oldy but a goody from
  'Manhatten Transfer'...

	Talking 'bout the gal from Object City.
	OORA, OORA, Graphs o' Petri,
	Semantic Nets and STDs, ain't they pretty?
	Check out her OCS (O-O-D, O-O-D)
	And you will find (O-O-D, O-O-D)
	A Hetero Composite Object, so fine.
	She's got some parts (yeah, yeah)
	That are pure class (yeah, yeah)
	Selectors, Constructors & Exceptions you just can't Pass.
	You got to believe me,
	Her method ops (yeah, yeah)
	Are just the tops (yeah, yeah)
	OORA, OORA, Object coupling
	Bad I know, but more fun than tuple-ing.
	Can't forget that gal from Object City.
	Booch and Berard (O-O-D, O-O-D)
	Say it ain't hard (O-O-D, O-O-D)
	But it seems that CRCs just ain't in the cards.
	Still one day I know (yeah yeah)
	She'll love me so (yeah, yeah)
	We'll interact and form a Kit of our own.

	You got to believe me,
	Her method ops (yeah, yeah)
	Are just the tops (yeah, yeah)
	She's got the states (yeah, yeah)
	That'll make you quake (yeah, yeah)... "

As traffic started moving again, the station faded out. I haven't been
able to find it again... was it really there, or was my brain just
OO-overloaded? :-)

p.s.  song to the tune of "Boy from New York City"

< Copyright 1993, D.J.Hudek. All rights reserved >