The plugins mentioned below are no longer for sale. I have moved on to other ventures, and am no longer actively developing any Lightwave plugins. My sincere thanks to all previous customers. If I should once again begin plugin development, this page shall be resurrected.

Keep 'wavin!  :-)

For anyone interested, BlackHawk Technologies is my latest venture.


Lightwave 3D Plugins

Note: the software is subject to a standard legal disclaimer below. What is offered for sale are single-user licenses (for site-license information, send mail to [without the SPAM_ME_NOT.])

Plugins are available for both Modeler and Layout. All plugins are available for both the Intel and SGI platforms. Alpha platform support is underway... Impressions, Pointfolio, PointHandles, Mspot and Dspot are now available. Mac versions may be possible in the future. I would like to publicly thank Marvin Landis, who compiled them on the SGI, and Larry Shultz ("the Spline God") for compiling on the Alpha platform.

Due to popular demand, I have registered some of the plugins with the ShareIt service bureau which now makes them available for purchase via credit card or EuroCheck (of course, all the plugins may also be purchased via check or money order in US funds). More information is given in the individual plugin pages accessed via the links below.

For all the plugins, I strongly encourage you to test drive the trial versions on your system first to see how they perform, before making a purchase. Click on the names below for more information: