WHERE DOES THE NAME "DOANSBURG" COME FROM?   Doansburg is an old place name tied to the community of Doansburg in the Town of Southeast.  The town was named after the Doan family, a prominent family at the time the town was originally settled.  The Ensemble took the name in recognition of the fact that their first performance in 1985 took place at the Old Southeast Church in what was once "Doansburg".

ARE ALL OF THE DOANSBURG MUSICIANS PROFESSIONALS?  Yes, all of the Doansburg musicians are professionals.  Many of them are graduates of conservatories and colleges such as Juilliard, Eastman, Curtis, and The Boston Conservatory.

ARE ANY OF THE DOANSBURG MUSICIANS FAMOUS?   Yes, many of the musicians are famous.  Musicians such as world-renowned flutist Julius Baker have performed with the Ensemble.  Arthur Haas, a recognized master of the harpsichord, has also performed with the Ensemble.

DO THE MUSICIANS PERFORM ANYWHERE BESIDES PUTNAM COUNTY?  Yes, the musicians perform in venues all around the world.  Many have performed at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.  It is not uncommon to find a number of the musicians on tour throughout the year.

HOW IS THE ENSEMBLE FUNDED?  The Doansburg Chamber Ensemble receives funding from a variety of sources.  The New York State Council on the Arts provides funding through grants administered by the Putnam Arts Council.  In addition, the Ensemble receives funding from a variety of corporate gift and matching grant programs.  The majority of funding is received in the form of charitable contributions and receipts from individual performances.  For further information, click on the link to Sponsorship and Funding.

ARE RECORDINGS OF THE ENSEMBLE'S MUSIC AVAILABLE?  Yes.  The Ensemble makes live recordings of all of their performances.  Some of the performance recordings are available on cassette.  For further information, click on the link to Available Recordings.


A frequently asked question is "HOW DO YOU GET TO CARNEGIE HALL?

The answer is: "Practice, Practice, Practice."

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