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Language Learning and Technology
A Refereed journal for second and foriegn language educators interested in using technology.

Center for Applied Linguistics - Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages
The Alliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages consists of individuals and organizations committed to working together to promote the conservation and development of the heritage language resources of this country as part of a larger effort to educate citizens who can function professionally in English and other languages.

Heritage Language Journal
An online Blind-Refereed Journal Dedicated to the Issues Underlying the Teaching and Learning of Heritage Languages

The FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEACHING FORUM. Our topic is foreign language teaching methods for all levels and all languages including school/college articulation, training of student teachers, classroom activities, curriculum, and syllabus design. Students in teacher training programs, teachers both new and experienced, administrators, and other professionals interested in any aspect of foreign language teaching are invited to participate in our discussions.

The National Foreign Language Center
Module One - Pedagogical Issues - This module has been specifically developed for instructors and professors that teach Spanish to native speakers in the United States. It contains information to connect with and get to know the institutes, organizations and bodies at the national level that provide support and information on this topic. Also found are articles related to teaching Spanish as a heritage language and other resources for professors, such as class syllabi and instructional materials. Finally, this module provides a direct link with the ERIC database at CAL (Center for Applied Linguistics), in which can be found a variety of bibliographic and reference materials of great use for those instructors and professors that want to better familiarize themselves with what has been done in the field.

A web site and resources to guide teachers and students in the creation of inquiry-based culture research projects, that result in educational web sites which can be of use to other students.

ThinkQuest New York City creatively brings together learning and technology for students and educators. Combining the power of technology with proven educational principles, ThinkQuest New York City offers exciting programming including the annual "ThinkQuest Challenge", a contest for students to create educational websites. Critical to its mission is to provide training for teachers and educators in schools and after-school programs.

A web site and resources to help teachers understand and use all types of technology in the classroom.


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