Leadership Directory and Contact Information

You can contact our Pastors or one of our student leaders regarding your interest in any of our activities.

Pastor Paul CH Lim609-279-0651
Pastor John Chi JoJuJoChi@aol.com
College Group
Robin Choi215-417-8245 choir@eniac.seas.upenn.edu
Moona Chow610-325-3702
Young Adult/Adult
Mike Kwon610-667-7195 mikwon@eniac.seas.upenn.edu
C. S. Danny Lee610-352-5917 clee1004@aol.com
Eunice Park 215-417-4110 eunicepk@dolphin.upenn.edu
Jeremy Moon 215-871-0769
Ju Yong Park 215-830-0129 211627719@vill.edu

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