[CH Dreamwalk's Ravenwyndde]

CH Dreamwalk's Ravenwyndde
Photo by Carl Widmer

Birman Availability

CH Tarazed's Questar
of Nirmanakaya

Photo by Vickie Jackson
Chez Cheri's Pendragon
Photo by Winthrop

[GIF of CH Tarazed's Questar] [GIF of Chez Cheri's Pendragon]
Birman kittens are usually born between April and August. They are available for placement when they are at least four months old. Kittens are kept in the cattery until they are four months old to insure that they have had all the vaccinations that they will need for their first year of life before they are placed. Massachusetts state law requires that all cats and kittens be vaccinated for rabies. The rabies vaccine is not given prior to four months of age.

Occassionally, adult Birmans are available for adoption. These are cats that have "retired" from showing and/or breeding. Adult Birmans are available in exchange for a tax-deductible contribution to the Winn Feline Foundation.

NOTE: The cats pictured in the header portion of this page are shown for your viewing enjoyment. When pictures of available cats and kittens are developed, they will be added to the section below.

Birmans Currently Available for Adoption




Birmans remain a relatively uncommon breed. Cats and kittens are not always available when a potential buyer would like. Seal and blue point Birmans generally are more likely to be available than other colors and patterns. Chocolate, lilac, red factor and lynx point Birmans can be difficult to find.

If the Birman that you want is not available, we will be happy to keep your name on file until one becomes available.

In addition, we will be happy to refer you to other breeders who may have the Birman you want.

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