[GIF of CH Tarima's Orator of Nirmanakaya]
CH Tarima's Orator of Nirmanakaya
Photo by Winthrop

The Birman Cat Today

The Birman of today is a medium to large color pointed and mitted cat with a long, stocky body and a sweet expression. The head is large and strong with a Roman nose and a good chin. The Birman's ears are medium in size, as wide as they are tall and placed as high on the head as they are to the side. The breed enjoys a silky, semi-long coat that generally is not prone to matting. All Birmans have almost round, wide set blue eyes.

The Birman now comes in an array of colors and patterns including seal, blue, chocolate, lilac and red factor points, and solid and tabby point patterns. At this time, the Cat Fancier's Association recognises solid pointed Birmans in seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.

GIF of Birman gloving]

The Birman has white gloves on all four feet and white "laces" or "gauntlets" on the back hocks. The white gloves should go across the front feet in an even line and be symmetrical. On the back feet, the gloves should also cover the foot and then extend up the back of the hock, ending in a point. Often too much or too little white on the feet is the only difference between a show cat and a pet.

Birmans are sweet tempered and social. They tend to get along with other pets and with children. They are playful, but not overly energetic. Birmans have sweet voices and are not overly vocal.

Birmans are a slow maturing breed. The Birman will generally achieve maturity at about 18 months, but may not reach its full size until the age of three.

Because of its sweet nature it is easy to handle, quick to learn and makes an ideal house pet.

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